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What Are The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Digital Marketing In 2018

advantages and disadvantages of digital marketing

Advantages and disadvantages of digital marketing are very necessary information for today’s modern world. Nowadays social media affects us in all the aspects of our life. There is no way to get free from here. We can not think ourselves without social media for a single moment. So, digital marketing is a growing trend. It is an innovative medium for business to promote any service or product. Because modern people always stay connected with internet. So, the traditional marketing strategy has changed and compelled marketers to connect their consumers and customers through the internet. Many leading businesses have faced huge loss due to stay away from digital marketing. Through social networking sites, marketers can stay connected with the different community, social
economic and government interest. In a sentence, we can say, there is no other alternative to digital marketing.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Digital Marketing:

Why Digital Marketing So Necessary?
Almost every business entities have chosen digital marketing due to its high effectiveness and efficiency. It is also growing faster than ever. After some days small businesses will also compete with the large businesses at the same platform. Every business owners want to have a strong online presence for their institutions. Because there is a huge career opportunity for digital marketing professionals. So, digital marketing has become an urgent need for the small as well as large-scale business. In this article, I will give you the detailed information about advantages and disadvantages of digital marketing. I think this will be very helpful for those persons who are related to digital marketing. There you get sufficient information about advantages and disadvantages of digital marketing and then you can easily decide whether you choose digital marketing or not.

Advantages of Digital Marketing:There are so many reasons for you to choose digital marketing. Digital marketing has opened up a new era in the marketplace. So, before you are investigating on the digital marketing, you should clearly know about its facilities. Here are some advantages of digital marketing;

1. Direct Advertising:

Direct adverting helps an advertiser to create awareness about a product or brand. Recently every company can easily show their advertisements for products or services on different digital channels. If you can take a good marketing strategy, then you can perform well in the competitive marketing. Direct advertising is a good option for a marketing strategy. It can attract a large mass and develop your business.

2. Easy Consumer Reach:
The main advantage of digital marketing is – it can reach a wide range of audience as early as possible. Nowadays people spend a large portion of their time in searching the web. Using internet channels, a marketer can easily and quickly approach to target a number of consumers. There are so many social media platforms for advertising. They are Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, Blogs, Instagram, Google+, YouTube, Pinterest, LinkedIn etc. Using these social medias, a marketer can easily reach its targeted customers.

Digital Marketing Advantages

3. Easy Brand Promotion:

As the technology and internet have developed a lot, the brand’s may take a great advantage of customer’s reach and co-operate it’s clients successfully. Development of a company depends on the existence of the internet. It can develop your company from any regional market to nationwide and worldwide marketplaces at the same time.

4. Reduced cost:
Digital marketing allows the marketers to save cash. Because digital marketing does not demand a great amount of financial commitment. It costs comparatively low than the so-called traditional marketing channels like television, newspapers, radio, banners, magazine etc. Some websites and business profiles generate huge traffic for absolutely free. It is a great option for marketers to spread their business throughout the world without any high cost.

5. Helping Marketers Career:
It is a great opportunity for an individual who is making digital strategies and helping companies to expand their business. These strategy makers help to grow the business of a company and himself/herself makes their own career also. Digital marketing has spread huge career options for digital marketers.

6. Available 24/7:

The World Wide Web never rests for any time. So, your advertisement will work for 24 hours. Using the electronic industry, your advertisement will physically present for 24 hours a day and 7 days a week and 365 days in a year. So, your advertisement will always be in front of your targeted customers. This is one of the main important features of digital marketing that we cannot avoid while talking about advantages and disadvantages of digital marketing.

7.  Consumer’s Convenience to Shop Online:
Online shopping is a growing trend. For the popularity and capabilities of digital marketing, customers are more interested in online shopping. A customer can buy a thing whether it is in his/her country or in abroad. Today distance is not a matter to a customer. Also, a customer can get the opportunity of choosing his/her material from so many options. A large portion of people now likes online shopping for its so many benefits. So, digital marketing opens up a new opportunity for both the company and the customer. Now a retailer and a customer can connect with each other very easily.

8. Global Advertisement:

This is one of the most important features of digital marketing. It enables the companies to advertise worldwide and there is no barrier, having so many geographical differences. So, a company can easily expand its business without any extra effort. Sitting in a remote place, a company can spread its business throughout the world. This will lead the company to show off it features to the rest of the world. This global advertisement will spread your company’s reputation worldwide.

Advantages of digital marketing

9. Bulk Emails And Messages:

The Internet allows you to send so many emails and messages at a time. So, within a short span of time, you can connect with your customers. This paves a way to reach more customers. If you want to send any information to your customers or any employees these messages will help you to a greater extent.

10. Perpetually Displaying Ads:

Due to digital marketing, it is now approachable to the target customers at any time of the day. There are no limitations in the place and time. These perpetually displaying ads attract the customers very much. But we have to manage these ads efficiently to see on the web page.

11. Simple To Measure:
The online calculation is not a difficult task for the companies. Marketers easily can know if their marketing strategies are working or not. If their marketing strategies are not working, then they can change their marketing strategies without any hesitation. They can also know which customers or organizations like their products. So, a company can easily target those customers or organizations. This measurement may save you from loss.

Disadvantages Of Digital Marketing:

While I am discussing about advantages and disadvantages of digital marketing, now it is the turn to inform you about the demerits of digital marketing. Though digital marketing opens up a new vista for the marketing world, but there are some limitations. Before you start working on the digital marketing area, you should know about its limitations also. Otherwise, you may regret afterward. So, before you work on digital marketing, you should well aware of its limitations also. The limitations are:

1. Limitations of Internet Access:

The digital marketing mostly depends on the internet. In this modern world, there are still some areas where the facility of the internet is not available or the internet connection is very poor. So, in those remote areas, digital marketing has no function. It is very difficult to target those customers who live in those places. Because without internet, digital marketing is nothing but a puppet. This is a major problem of digital marketing. There is no way of escaping from it.

2. High Competition of Brands:
Talking about advantages and disadvantages of digital marketing, this is a great fault of digital marketing. A customer and consumer must know about the high competition of brands. When a customer searches for a specific goods or products, then the services having the same marketing strategies, appear on the customer’s home page. So, this confuses the customer and offers a better and cheaper quality product of a different company. For this reasons, some customers lack their trust on so many advertisements and take them as frauds. If the cost of same quality product varies, anyone can be prey of its tricks.

3. Promotion Strategy Can Be Copied:

One of the main drawbacks of digital marketing is piracy. It is often seen that any company copies your products and sell them as their products. Copying of an image is not difficult. Not only this, even they can create an adverse effect on your products that will harm your online reputation. There are so many hackers to track or copy the valuable marketing strategies. So, to keep your marketing strategy is must. But, very often it does not safe from the piracy makers. Piracy makers are always there to copy your business strategy.

Disadvantages of digital marketing

4. Limited Consumer Link And Conversation:
We all know that digital marketing is excessively dependent on internet. So, the marketers may found it very much difficult to access more consumers which they want. They can not start a conversation with their desired customers about the company products or brand image. But, the people who do not use internet, are unable to know about your product.

5. Advertisement For Limited Products:

While we are discussing about advantages and disadvantages of digital marketing, there is a practical drawback of digital marketing. It is only profitable for consumer goods. We can not sell the industrial goods or pharmaceutical products through digital channels. So, if you wish to marketize any industrial or pharmaceutical products, it is impossible to sell through digital marketing. So, there is no scope to sell all the products.

6.  Less Interest On the Internet:
There are some customers who are less interested in internet. They simply avoid Internet advertisement. Even they do not trust the internet advertisement. This creates a loss of valuable traffic. Because digital marketing wholly depends on internet. Without internet, it does not work.

7. Cash On Delivery:

Cash on delivery is one of the disadvantages of digital marketing. Because it does not ensure you for 100% cash back. This may create a hazard in front of you.

8. Negative Feedback:
In respect of social media, a single post, tweet or comment or any claim or any negative feedback about your services or products can destroy your online reputation for a long time. To make reputation, it takes much time, but to break it does not take much time. Even some negative feedback may destroy the chance of growth of your business.

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9. Requires More Initial Investment:

For digital marketing, you have to make your website very much handy and also you have to planning an effective technique. Therefore, it is necessary for you to pay for marketing like AdWords, Social Media Marketing, Search Engines, Search Engines Ads. These are very costly for those persons who are involved in small-scale business. In many cases, small-scale business persons avoid digital marketing. Many small-scale business persons have not the ability to invest a huge amount of initial investment.

10. Anti-Brand Activities(Doppelganger):
Speaking about advantages and disadvantages of digital marketing, this is an another drawback of digital marketing. In this case, a man or a group of men can effect the image of a reputed brand through Doppelganger. This is a very well known word in digital marketing. Various opinion leaders, anti-brand activity, bloggers make the term ‘Doppelganger’ very familiar to cancel the image of a brand.

11.  Security Issue:

Internet marketing has its own disadvantages that we can not notice. When a customer queries for any online product or service, there is a caution that the company does not give all the private information about the product or service. Later, any unidentified person may use it against the customer.

These are the basic issues of advantages and disadvantages of digital marketing. I think, now one can very easily understand the strengths and weaknesses of Digital Marketing. If you want to learn more about digital marketing, visit Digital Marketing related sites. Those sites will enrich you to understand the whole matter. These information will help you to decide whether you get profit from digital marketing or not. If you like my article, please like and share the article. And also give your valuable comment, so that I can enrich myself.

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