Best blog platform for writers | 11 Most famous blog sites

Best blog platform for writers

About which Best blog platform for writers, you thinking about blogging? Everybody has own various own story, they can write Autobiography of their own story.  You can highlight yourself through social media in this online blogging world.  You can write your own concept through blogging and can spread your own thought all over the world.Somebody think that this world is not perfect for blogging, because, you can share anything with others through many social media if you want. Actually, what’s so? Social media are much personal.

what are the most popular blog sites


One of the most important social media is, where you can express blog like Singely or unity with time sequence. However, can express blog on another host through FTTP. This is my 1st favorite site as blogging.


Especially is a blog hosting Supplier which made debut as Bita texting site in August 2005 and on 21 November in 2005. It is published as open source software.

It is my second choice Best blog platform for writers.

blogging technology


Tumblr especially is a microblogging platform, where users can upload video, picture, link, audio speech. Users can follow one to another. This service basically emphasizes the ease of use


This blogging platform is established by two members when twitter has Established.  Eve William and Brig stone have made this platform For added convenience. Through login of twitter, you can do blog or comment. If you are new on the blog and want to connect to the reader, then you can do with this platform.


Live journal is especially an online community, where users write blog, diary or Publishing. Live journal is free and open source server software. More than one writer, comments, calendars, survey are Included in live journal blogging technology. live journal blogging is different from another blogging platform.


Quora especially question and answering site, where users ask questions and other gives answers. It is same like yahoo and stock over but their blogging function creates different to others. It is best blog site for question and answer.


Weebly started their work with extensively in 2006. You can create blog into Weebly by facebook login. This site is One of the most important websites on my list for creating professional templet and website more than 100.


  1. is world’s most popular education platform. Edublogs Provides service for education. Students and teachers can easily blog video, picture, audio for their safe blogging Provides.

  1. Provides service for free and paid to blog. Through blogging, you can create your own community. gives unlimited hosting and bandwidth.

  1. is published on 14 October 2013. It already earns a reputation as a new blog community.  Many people join in from Despite the limitations, this is a beautiful  & Best blog platform for writers.


As past experiences, is different. Now, wix have joined the market by hot sea shop and Wix app. Wix is popular by creating templet and various popular blog.

Bloggers can make their blog more popular by using these important websites and SEO techniques.

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