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Top 10 Best Free Infographic Maker Tools For Creating Infographics

Best free infographic maker

Best free infographic maker tools now days comes handy in terms of expressing complex data in the easiest way. Infographic s has made workload smooth and easy to grasp. In every respected corporate and personal blogging work field, infographic plays the interactive part.  Creating a very long and complex data is now no longer time consuming, thanks to infographics.Working with an infographic is, of course, a smart thing, but one must know the proper infographic tools to create the right set of design. An infographic may look very simple, but without the right set of tools creating the perfect infographic is not easy. To make your content or blog SEO friendly, visually strong and more understandable you need top infographic maker tools.

In here we will go through some popular and helpful best free infographic maker tools that will help you to get better infographics.

Top 12 Best Free Infographic Maker Tools:



Best free infographic maker: When it comes to popularity, Canva is the most popular and top infographic maker tools for making beautiful and eye-catching designs. The canva community is always available for many infographic templates created by others, which you can use for free. The best part of canva is its simplicity, it doesn’t require a complex mind or a tech-savvy person to operate canva, with its easiest way of selecting and dragging the selected element anyone can have a great time making a great infographic. Built by expert people, Canva guides us to every detail. In terms of top infographic maker tools, canva stands tall with its countless options and millions of images to choose from. Whenever we are talking about infographic, canva comes first in everyone’s mind.



Best free infographic maker: If you need an expert design to present, visually is the right tool for you. To publish an important and complex infographic for your team visually helps you to do that with ease. With over thousands of designers can work with you and your respected team and can make you a great set of design. If you are not comfortable taking designs on your own hand visually will do that for you. Visually will help you to connect with many graphic designers worldwide, these designers will help you have a better experience. Visually is a top infographic maker tool, with its group of experts. When your presentation needs an experts advice or touch, visually is the right tool to use for you. Visually is an excellent tool to make your design perfect and presentable. 


Best free infographic maker: Infogram is an excellent tool when it comes to creating data. The clean and easy to read designs and the ability to make complex data presentable the easiest way makes Infogram a very important tool. Companies that have a large number of business deals or stocks can find Infogram a very handy tool.  The presence of Interactive infographics makes subscription-based Infogram very appealing, especially on tablets and mobile phones. While working on Inforgram you can easily select an image and drop it in the right place. When it comes to top infographic maker tools, Infogrames has the number in terms of dynamic designs. In the corporate world, creating an appropriate infographic with delicate data can be done gracefully with Infogram.



Best free infographic maker: If you want to speak visually and create sophisticated designs than Visme is the right tool for you. With thousands of free images and millions of amazing free images, Visme promises you a great presentation every time you create an infographic. Visme not only creates visually catchy graphics but also it helps you to create interactive infographics with attached animations and creative illustrations. Visme also offers voice recording which comes very handy in terms of specification. If you are targeting any specific audience and you want to be more visually interactive, Visme is a top tool for making infographics come alive.



Best free infographic maker:  For making interesting presentations and creating an engaging design, Picktochart is a top infographic maker tool. With various shapes and images, Picktochart allows us to modify designs and make interesting changes. Picktochart has over 500 infographic templates and all the templates are updated on weekly basis. Instead of spending hours searching on the internet, you can easily sit back and work on Picktochart with its great set of icons, videos, charts, images and maps that you can customize very easily. Picktochart is a very helpful and popular tool with over five million users’ worldwide and it is a top infographic making tool for us.



Best free infographic maker: Easel. Ly is an amazing infographic making tool which offers us easily customizable templates. This free infographic tool also offers us to upload our own graphics which you can position very easily. has a vast amount of shapes and designs, with arrows, lines and many font size and colors. You can choose between 60 images and 10 fonts in the free option category. 3 dollar a month will help you to get a variety of options and recourses. If you are starting up and looking for customizable designs, feel free to choose Easel. Ly.



Best free infographic maker: Vizualize is a perfect tool when you are emphasizing on your resume details. All the accomplishments you got can be presentable in a very effective and eye-catching way through Vizualize. This very simple yet very appealing infographic maker tool comes very useful in terms of C.V or personal resume presentation. The infographic resumes created by Vizualize can rise up to that special occasion and can give your personality a classic and smart touch. For making a resume or C.V infographic, there is no match for Vizualize.VENNGAGE


Simple to use, Venngage is an excellent tool. With the variety of images, charts, and templates, Venngage is such a tool that every quick learner should experience. When using Venngage you can also upload your own image or most interestingly you can also upload your own background. The best part of Venngage is its simple nature. Similar to Canva, Venngage allows you to animate your theme or image for a better and visually appealing presentation. With just a movement of a mouse or by clicking links anyone can interact with these reactive elements.  In terms of creating and publishing a great infographic, Venngage is a top infographic maker tool.



Chartsbin is a vast and very well categorized tool for making amazing infographics.  Creating interactive infographics and designs looks easy on Chartsbin. Basically, Chartsbin is a map-based visual designer that helps you by letting you create your own design. We can work on Chartsbin so easily because it doesn’t require any expertise to create designs in this tool.  Chartsbin only offers us map-based visual designs and a wide range of maps are there to choose that you can design. With your own available data, you can create infographics and can learn the easy way of creating amazing map visuals.



The most versatile and powerful tool in terms of infographic making is Google chart tools. The vast options are there to choose from many chart designs, especially when you are looking for record based or chart based designs. By connecting your data, you can choose the perfect chart design that will give your website a perfect presence. Google chart gives us the option to choose and configure a great set of chart designs that will match our respected websites. For creating a set of unique charts and infographics Google chart tools are free and easy and also a top infographic maker tool.



If you want move away from the basic designer infographics and want something special, Dipity is here for you. Basically, Dipity is a timeline based infographic maker, which helps you to create timeline sequence based infographics. Dipity also helps us by creating the data easily; you just need to put your data according to the sequence of time. In Dipity you can also create an event, title, date, link, and locations also. For creating historical and time-based description, Dipity is a wise choice for us.TABLEAU PUBLIC


Tableau public

Tableau Public is a desktop tool that can easily create rich and catchy infographics. The created infographics in Tableau can be embedded in the web according to your needs. Tableau public can be used only on windows. Hard to understand data can be easily modified through this tool, it also makes dull data engaging by its rich source of maps, graphs, and dashboards. Popular names like UNESCO and the Wall street journal has used Tableau public for their rich contents. Bloggers can use it to start discussion with data. The data and graphics           Tableau public provides becomes lively and interactive.

These top infographic maker tools are used worldwide and many big companies trust these tools to make their powerful presentations. Each tool represents a variety of options and amazing visual designs that we can choose. You just need to choose your requiring tool to make great infographics.

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