Blog Commenting Tips For SEO To Get Valuable Backlinks And Traffic

blog commenting for seo

What Is Blog Commenting For SEO ?

In this modern world blog commenting for seo plays a vital role. It is mainly used to get high-quality backlinks from other blogs and websites. Blog commenting is generating targeted traffic. So, it is our duty to know the advantages of blog commenting. As a student of digital marketing, you should know these blog commenting tips for two reasons:

* The ridiculous, spammy comments can drive you crazy.

* Through blog commenting for seo you can build up your brand.

Blog Commenting For SEO To Get Valuable Backlinks And Traffic:

Blog Commenting Strategy:

The main question in blog commenting is how can you start your blog commenting strategies and from where and which sources do you get the high-quality backlinks as early as possible. It totally depends on the search parameters you use to find the targeted backlinks. You can find some websites where you can post your comments. For your use, here I put the Search Query Method.

find niche related blogs

Keyword “Powered By Typepad”

Keyword “Powered By Blogger”

“Add comment” Your Keywords

Keyword “Powered By Drupal”

keyword “Powered By Blogging”

Search Query Method inurl:blog + “post a comment” + keyword inurl:blog + “post a comment” + commentluv enabled

For .edu/.gov Website Blog Commenting:

“keyword” “leave a comment” site:gov

“keyword” “leave a reply” site:gov


“keyword” site:edu

“keyword” site:gov


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Here I give you the names of only four websites where you can get backlinks within a few seconds or minutes. To get the backlinks you have to search in Google with giving your keyword or the niche you want to target. You can do for any keyword at any place.

Do you know how to post a comment on these sites?

This is not a difficult task at all. To post a comment, you have to scroll down to the end of any post or page, then see if the admin or administrator gives you the scope to post a comment. Usually, most of the admins or administrators do not allow the visitors or readers to post a comment. If you get the opportunity, then use various keywords in the “name” section. For example, if your niche should be “French Courses”, you want to use “French Courses” in the name section up to 60%, maybe “Online French Courses” to 10%, “Courses” to 10%, and the other 20% you can use various names, such as “Luice”, “Peterson”, “Madrid” etc.

Blog commenting

  1. Read The Full Post:(Blog commenting for seo)

This is one of the most important features of blog commenting. There are so many people who do not read the full post and try to make a comment. It is not a correct way to comment. Before commenting, you should have a perfect knowledge about the post you are going to comment. At first, try to understand the matter and think of your perspective. No one is willing to a single line comment. Add your own idea to enrich your own idea. Your comment may be critical but not in a destructive way.

  1. Comment On Highly Relevant Blogs:(Blog commenting for seo)

Blog commenting works very well when you find blogs which are related to your niche and comment on the same subject. By doing this, you can not only create your targeted traffic but also you will get the SEO benefit. Also, you can enjoy a lot while Commenting because the blog is relevant to your subject. You can easily make comments on the topic.

You can find the relevant blogs very easily. It is not a difficult task at all. You can search it in Google search. Even you can find it from the blog directory list which is related to your subject. You should not be too rigid while it comes to relevancy. Here you can also add other blogs which are not directly related but they are popular enough to comment on.

  1. Use A Real Name:(Blog commenting for seo)

You should not comment using your company’s name, rather you should use your real name. At least you can use your nickname. But, to add your brand name is not profitable. If you concentrate on posting useful information, it is good for your brand. Your brand awareness will grow if you less concentrate on promoting yourself. Moreover, you can use your real name for another reason. If you use your real name, you are more likely to get a reply from the author. It is general that people like to chat with others. In this case, your real name, photo are the indicators that you are a real person.

People will always attract if you and blog writer involves an interesting dialogue. People will eager to notice this dialogue. It will increase your brand awareness. You should use your real name so that anyone can easily find you through Google search and in this way your brand awareness will grow higher than ever. It is very much necessary because you are not directly mentioning your brand in your blog comments. So, to appear quickly in the search engine, you need the connection.

  1. Leave High Effort Comments:(Blog commenting for seo)

You have to remember that your main objective of blog posting is not to create backlinks. The main aim should be to connect with other people and you have to prove that you are an expert in this field. It means that when you are going to make a comment, you have to craft comments which are engaging, informative and interesting.

Always try to avoid “low effort” comments. Some examples of “low effort” comments are:

* “Interesting ideas!”

* “Great post!”

* “Awesome post!”

* “Bookmarked to read later!”

* “Great information!”

Everyone likes to see positive comments, while these “low effort” comments actually do not add anything special in the discussion.

  1. Aim For 3 Sentences Minimum:(Blog commenting for seo)

While you are going to comment on any subject, your aim should be to write at least 3 long sentences. A blogger always wants that his/her blogger read the post thoroughly and then make an interesting comment. All the SEO consulting clients should maintain it. A blogger always wants to engage his/her readers and have an interesting conversation within the comments section. So, you should keep in mind that your comments will be of something valuable.

  1. Identify Core Blogs And Comment Daily:

Almost every industry has set up must-read blogs which attract thousands of visitors every day. Your aim should be to put these blogs on your commenting list and try to leave a comment regularly. These blogs will not only help you to keep yourself up to date with the latest industry trends but also you can earn high-quality link sources. It can also help you to inspire your own content marketing, you have the latest ideas of the famous industry. In these core blogs, you can start getting your own brand’s awareness.

  1. Include An Up To Date Email Address:

You should use a permanent email address so that customers can contact you easily. Though it is very much necessary to add an email address on the internet, but there is also a chance to get spam as your email address is out there publicly.

For this problem, I have a strong solution, which I have already used and get the desired result. You can use an alternative email which you may use for blog commenting. In this way, you can avoid any type of spam. Creating a second email address may sound a bit expensive, but it works. You can earn a huge benefit by setting up a second email.

  1. Add Questions Or Add Information:

If you want to start blog commenting, you should know the two main categories of blog commenting. When you start blog commenting, you can either ask a question or add related information.

Do not ask any simple question which will look ridiculous if the answer was already on the blog clearly. You should ask any relevant question.

On the other hand, if you want to add any information, do not go overboard. Actually, nobody wants to read a long comment which overshadows the original post.  Instead of these, you can add some relevant information which may fruitful later for getting high-quality backlinks.

  1. Avoid Dropping Links In Comments:

It is important to realize that blog commenting box is not a platform for advertising. So, you should try to avoid dropping any type of links. Rather, you should try to concentrate on spending the time to make a better comment. Your interesting comments may make your readers curious.  In this way, you can generate traffic you are looking for as you have already left the link in the “website URL” text box.


<strong>targeted keywords website url/</strong>


<strong>Best free infographic maker</strong>


For DoFollow and NoFollow links:

<b><a href=”website url”title=”targeted keywords”>targeted keywords</a></b>

<a href=”website url” rel=”nofollow”> targeted keywords</a>



<b><a href=””title=”
Advantages and disadvantages of digital marketing”>
Advantages and disadvantages of digital marketing</a></b>



<a href=”your post url”>Write your Anchor Text Words</a>

Blog commenting for seo is a great way to make a connection with the people. You should be conscious to keep your comments informative, friendly and do not try to promote your brand through blog commenting. You are the maker of your own destiny, so you have to be consistent with blog commenting. There is a need to create a weekly backlinks plan. Blog commenting on related blogs is not a new marketing strategy. It is already proven and is a source of getting more exposure for your site.

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