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Unique And Cute Password Ideas For All Internet Users

cute password ideas

This article discusses the details of a good & cute password ideas. The password is an interesting matter to the INTERNET users. Using a weak password, many people face various problems. On the other hand, using very difficult password, many cannot remember it. But, is this the end of using the strongest password?

Today we show you some tricks, using these tricks, you can create the strongest and cute password ideas, without forgetting it and your INTERNET uses will be safer than ever.

The process of making the strongest password: cute password ideas

1.    To break long password is difficult: use 12 or more digit to make a password.

2.  Do not do: Name, village name, word which can be found in dictionary

3.  Do: In the middle of a password, use capital letter & numbers.

If you make password using these three methods, then it will be very hard for the hackers to break it. Nowadays there is much software to break password and they break the password using many methods according to online security specialist, Bruce Schneier, “ password crackers use: English name word, various foreign word and much more, as a two-digit word, date, symbol etc.

Some common password which are broken easily as:

123456,12345,1234, 123456789,12345678,1234qwer,1q2w3e4r5t,q1w2e3r4t5,1234zxcv,zxcv1234,Football, baseball etc.

But the funny matter is, those following passwords are from the users of ADOBE which the hackers broke. If you want to check the strength of your password you can see some online password checker but, among them, online domain tools are very effective. This tool examines the various parts of your password and the result will be before you.

Example: bre7E$ret98:Iaz

computer passwords

Why of choosing the strongest password:-

If you wish, you can use a random password. But the difficulty in these passwords is – it is difficult to remember. If you do not follow only rule or rhyme to make a password, then no one can snatch it, rather you do not remember at your own need.

So, we show you the famous process, which is good password ideas list but easy to remember.

Bruce Schneier‘s method :

Security specialist, Bruce Schneier discovered it in 2008. Today, it is very famous. The basic element of this method is to choose a sentence and make it a password.

The sentence may be anything. You have to make a password using those words. Example –

  1. Woohoo! The Packers won the super Bow!!= WOO!PwontSB
  2. please pick up more Toasty O’s at the grocery store= PPupmoarT@O@tgs
  3. I tuck button-up shirts into my jeans= 1tubuupshhh…imj

How to remember?

In the process, you are shown how to make strength password. But if you do not use the difficult password, it is vain to use it. Try to use a different unique password for important services and you can use a common password for other common sites. It will give you scope to hide your important material from others. As we all always use the internet, we should learn cute password ideas. Then we may secure our secret materials. So, do not waste your time. Let’s start using cute password ideas and start making your own benefit.

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