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Unique And Cute Password Ideas For All Internet Users

cute password ideas

This article discusses the details of good & cute password ideas. The password is an interesting matter to the INTERNET users. Using a weak password, many people face various problems. On the other hand, using very difficult password, many cannot remember it. But, is this the end of using the strongest password? The Ultimate Guide For Creating Strong cute password ideas: It is a general problem for all of us when we create an account on the website. The problem is ‘password’. We cannot decide whether we should give an easy password to remember or a hard one which troubles us to remember. I have also faced such a “password dilemma” situation. Yet I have overcome it by following some rules and guidelines for cute password ideas.

These rules and guidelines help me to create strong and cute password ideas which are secure. For my own interest in the field of keeping the password safe and secure, I have used these rules and guidelines over years. We should have a realization about the importance of strong password. In this respect, I should share an experience that happens to me. Recently one of my friends created a new Facebook account and put the password according to his girlfriend’s name. But one day someone logged his account and this is no other than his girlfriend. This ruins their relationship. It happens only for the use of a weak password. So, there is a question what is the best way to keep our data safe whether it is our Facebook account or Gmail account or Twitter account or any important account like Internet Banking? A good password is always difficult to guess or break by the people you know or by the hackers. On the other hand, you can easily remember a good password(cute password ideas).


Bad Password Good Password
Sweety sEC2@Fa08$!de*1!
Brandi aH3!x*7Ta20w!0%fU
ILoveYou Ki%SI^2)Qhtc$Nq8j
robert Tg(qB!a&ui*ec@F8@K3

People always put the passwords according to the dictionary words or according to their favorite actors or actress’ name. Even they choose the password by choosing their boyfriend or girlfriend’s name. In some cases, people put the password according to the name of their laptop’s brand name. So, there is an earnest need to choose a hard password that can not be easily broken. In this respect, you should use any dictionary-based password which is nothing but the jumble of some words or letters or characters.

Today we show you some tricks, using these tricks, you can create the strongest and cute password ideas, without forgetting it and your INTERNET uses will be safer than ever.

The process of making the strongest password: cute password ideas

If you make password using these three methods, then it will be very hard for the hackers to break it.

1.    To break long password is difficult: use 12 or more digit to make a password.

2.  Do not do: Name, village name, a word which can be found in the dictionary

3.  Do: In the middle of a password, use capital letter & numbers.

Nowadays there is much software to break password and they break the password using many methods according to online security specialist, Bruce Schneier, “ password crackers use: English name word, various foreign word and much more, as a two-digit word, date, symbol etc.

Some common password which are broken easily as:

123456,12345,1234, 123456789,12345678,1234qwer,1q2w3e4r5t,q1w2e3r4t5,1234zxcv,zxcv1234,Football, baseball etc.

But the funny matter is, those following passwords are from the users of ADOBE which the hackers broke. If you want to check the strength of your password you can see some online password checker but, among them, online domain tools are very effective. This tool examines the various parts of your password and the result will be before you.

Example: bre7E$ret98:Iaz

computer passwords

Why Of Choosing The Strongest  And Cute Password Ideas :

If you wish, you can use a random password. But the difficulty in these passwords it is difficult to remember. If you do not follow only rule or rhyme to make a password, then no one can snatch it, rather you do not remember at your own need.

So, we show you the famous process, which is good password ideas list but easy to remember.

1:  Two Essential Password Rules;
Here are two cute password ideas that you can not avoid when you want to create a password.

Rule 1: Password Length: We should use at least 8 characters while we want to create a password. The more characters you use in the password, it would be better for your safety. You can use a 10 digit password so that a cracker can not easily break the password. A long password takes a long time to break.
Rule 2:  Password Complexity: Here I give you four groups and your password should contain at least one character from the group. The characters that you may take for your password are following
Uppercase alphabet
*   Lower case alphabet
*   Numbers
*   Special characters
I call the above two rules in together as “8 4” Rules(Eight Four Rules).
8 characters minimum length
4= 1 upper case+1 lower case+1 number+1 special character.

I think this “8 4” Rule will give you a huge benefit. The people who do not use any strong password or follow any guidelines for creating a password, it will make them relax. If your banking or financial authorities do not follow the “8 4” rules, you should immediately change the password and follow the “8 4” rules for your own safety and security.

2: Guidelines For Creating Strong Passwords:

  1. Follow “8 4” Rule:  I have already mentioned you that this is the foundation of a strong password(cute password ideas).
  2. Unique Characters:  In a strong password there should be at least 5 unique characters. If you have followed “8 4” Rule, you have already had 4 different characters,
  3. Use Password Manager:  We all know that it is very difficult to remember the strong password. So, besides creating a strong password, you have a need of a reliable and trustworthy way of remembering the strong password. You can also use a password management tool. I prefer you to use Password Dragon. It is a free, easy and secure password that works on Linux, Mac, and Windows. There are a lot of free password manager tools available on the internet, you can use it as per your own sweet will.
  4.    Use Passphrase: There are so many persons who do not want to use password manager tool. In this respect, one may use Passphrase to easily remember the password. If you wish you may use the initials of a song or a phrase that are familiar to you. You can convert a phrase to a strong password. Keep updating your passphrase regularly and never tell it to anyone. Here are few examples: I have 5 tShirts (I have five Tshirts)IloVeburGer2times (I Love Burger Two Times)My giRlFrnd is not rIya (My Girlfriend Is Not Riya).
  5. Phonetic Password: I think, this is the best way to create a strong password. You can include capital letters and symbols, numbers to make the password stronger than ever with phonetic technique and it is very easy to remember. In this respect, you can also use Phonetic Password Generator Tool to create strong Phonetic Password. For example,aIaEmveRigUd143 (I am very good 143).
  6. Use Song Lyrics In Password: It always happens that we can easily remember the song lyrics than the Academic syllabus. This is a great way to create a strong password and also it is very easy to remember.
    For example,
    IMiLwtsO+y:)123  (I am in love with the shape of you). This combination of a password is very hard to crack by hackers, scammers, and spammers.

3: Guidelines For Avoiding Weak Passwords:

If you want to keep your passwords safe and secure, you have to avoid the following. Even you should have to avoid part of your passwords in the following items.

  • Name of the family members, friends or your pet’s name.
  •  Same passwords as you have used as username or part of the username.
  • Dictionary words with number or character in front or back.
  • The real word from any language.
  • Do not use consecutive alphabets, keys or numbers on the keyboard. For example abcde, 12345 etc.
  • Personal information about yourself or your family members. This includes the genetic information, such as phone number, vehicle license plate number, birth date, street name, apartment or house number etc.
  • Word found in the dictionary with number substitution for word look alike.
  • Any of the above with a number in front or back.
  • Empty password.
  • Any of the above in reverse sequence.

Guidelines For Creating Strong Password


4: Common Sense About Password: All the following points are very

common and there is nothing new. But, almost all the time we ignore these items.
•       Do not share with anyone. You should not disclose the password to anyone including your friends and family. In this respect, you may remember the phrase “Passwords are like underwear, don’t share with anybody.” We always teach our kids about online safety and not to share the password. We should also remember the thing.
•       Change password immediately when they are compromised. If you have a slight doubt that someone might have stolen your password, do not waste a single moment, change your password immediately.
•       Without setting the Master Password, do not use the “Remember Password” option on the browser. Do not store your username and password in this feature. Anybody who uses your Firefox browser can see all the passwords that are set in the Firefox browser in plain text if you do not set Master Password on the firefox. You should also be careful to use the “Not Now” option.
•        Create unique password every time. If you want to change a password for an existing account, it should not be the same as it was previously. It should be unique in all the aspect.
•       Do not keep the same password for two different sites. It is very tempting to set the same password for all the existing accounts. Rather try to set different passwords for all your emails, all the
banking sites, social networking sites etc. Try to resist the temptation and keep unique passwords for all your accounts.
•       Never write down your password on a paper. It is not only bad but also a stupid activity. There are so many people who think that writing down a strong password and keep it under the mouse or keyboard is safe. It is not safe. If you want to keep strong password along with you, you may use the password management tool that runs on USB  stick and takes that with you all the times.

•       Never type your password when someone is looking over your shoulder. This is very important to keep your password safe and secure. Do not give a scope to anyone to see your password.
•       Try to change your passwords for all your accounts once in every six months. As passwords have a fixed length, an attacker may guess the password. So, it will be better to change your passwords regularly at fixed intervals.
•       Do not send your passwords to anyone in an email.  It is because some hackers send emails and asking for your username and password. You should remember the fact that legitimate websites or organizations never ask you for your username and password either via emails or over telephones.
•       Never type your password on a computer that does not belong to you. Try to use your own computer if possible, especially in the case of banking login.

Bruce Schneier‘s method :

Security specialist, Bruce Schneier discovered it in 2008. Today, it is very famous. The basic element of this method is to choose a sentence and make it a password.

The sentence may be anything. You have to make a password using those words. Example –

  1. Woohoo! The Packers won the super Bow!!= WOO!PwontSB
  2. please pick up more Toasty O’s at the grocery store= PPupmoarT@O@tgs
  3. I tuck button-up shirts into my jeans= 1tubuupshhh…imj

How to remember?

In the process, you are shown how to make strength and cute password ideas. But if you do not use the difficult password, it is vain to use it. Try to use a different unique password for important services and you can use a common password for other common sites. It will give you scope to hide your important material from others. As we all always use the internet, we should learn cute password ideas. Then we may secure our secret materials. So, do not waste your time. Let’s start using cute password ideas and start making your own benefit.


If you want to find, you may find so many cute password ideas which can give you strong protection to your online accounts. Having so many cute password ideas, these are the most creative and secure ideas. Always try to change your password at regular interval. It can keep your password safe and secure. If you like this article, please like and share this article. And give your valuable comments so that I can be perfect in my future writings. I am eagerly waiting for your next step.

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