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What is the difference between WordPress.com and WordPress.org?

I hope, you all are quite well with your family members and neighbors. Be well and keep others also well. Today I will discuss about difference between WordPress.com and WordPress.org. Let’s start:

shoutersvoice-560 In a sentence, we can say that WordPress is an open-source platform. We need to know the difference between WordPress.com and WordPress.org for our own need. If you want to know it more clearly, I shall tell you: you are reading my article now. Have l posted it through a post office? Of course not. If it happens, then you don’t gaze on the monitor, rather you watch on the paper that you got from the peon. But, you do not do this. You are watching on the monitor.

So, we can take WordPress as a developed technological transformed paper. It does not require any writing. It also does not require an envelope to send it.Only a keyboard and net connection are sufficient for it.So, we conclude that WordPress is a platform for digital writing which is open to all.I think you all know WordPress is of two types. If you do not know yet, this information is for you.

Difference between WordPress.com and WordPress.org

  1. WordPress.com
  2. WordPress.org

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WordPress.com is totally free and it is open to all. You do not need to know any big thing to make your own blog. It requires no HTML or PHP code. Because there is an inbuilt blog for you.If you want to make a blog, you need not spare any money. It does not require to buy any domain or hosting. As it does not require any buying, so you have no thought of money.Suppose you want to make a blog. And the name of your blog is my blog, then your address would be myblog.wordpress.com. To make a free blog, your responsibility is to tag wordpress.com.

What is the benefit of it:

The main benefit of it is_ anyone can make a blog here. Now, you do not need to make a blog, it is inbuilt.You have to register with your email and become a member of WordPress. Also, you will get 4 GB space. I think it is sufficient space.

It has also some demerits:

If you want to earn money by making a blog, it is not possible. Because Adsense is not allowed here.This is not the end. You do not use any plugging, theme, the code at your own sweet will. Rather you have to satisfy with 2/4 fixed material.You can change the blog by your name by giving 19 dollars. There is also some problem. I will tell you later about it.Except that there are so many problems of WordPress.com. Having so many problems, I love WordPress.com. If you ask why do I love it? I can’t able to answer. Only I can say, the good feeling is not same to all.


WordPress.com and WordPress.org

Do you know, WordPress.org is free or not? You may say it is free. Again you may say it is not free. If you take the free domain and hosting, then it is free.And if you buy it with money, then it is not free.Now, if I want to say about free and not free, then I have to talk about long hours. In the next article, I will talk you about that matter.Now you have no need to use WordPress.org after myblog.

If you talk about space, it depends on you. How much space you buy from the hosting company, you will get the same space. It may be 1 GB or 10 GB. It depends on eligibility and demand.

What Is The Merits Of wordpress.org

The demerits of wordpress.com are the merits of wordpress.org. I will tell you about it in brief. You can design your blog as your own wish. There is no barrier in it. Using HTML, PHP code you can make your site with various colors, various designs etc.

There is also thousands of plugging and theme. You can use it as you wish. In a sentence, it is your wealth. It is your own site with your price. You can make a 5 storeyed building or you may dig a huge pond and can cultivate foreign fishes.


Comparatively, there is no problem. If there arises any problem, you can remove it. But, a server may down at various times. If you take any good domain or hosting, then you will be right at 99.99% times. And the most important matter is_ your writings will be safe here.

There is no fear to loose your writings like free wordpress.com.

No more today. If you like this writing about the difference between WordPress.com and WordPress.org, I hope, you will encourage me with your valuable comments. Goodbye friends. Take care.

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