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Interesting Facebook Facts You Probably Didn’t Know

Facebook Facts

Good morning friends. How are you?  Today I will discuss(Interesting Facebook Facts) about the most popular and social site. Recently we get some information through research. There is no doubt that Facebook is the largest platform for social media. Though Facebook established on 4th February 2004, it has become a huge community after 2006.

To me, Facebook is like the snake game of the Nokia phone that I played at my childhood age. Because it connects more and more people and becomes larger than before. If anyone has not any Facebook account, we classify him/her as alien. I give you an example. Some days ago, a man created a Facebook ID for his daughter, thinking that when his daughter will grow, she shall use that. From this incident, you must learn that Facebook has mixed with our lives in every aspect. But there arises a question, does Facebook profitable to our life? Recent researches give us some information that I am going to tell you(Interesting Facebook Facts).

Facebook is a high desirous social site:

Those people read this tune, may also be addicted to Facebook. If anyone addicts with anything, it is thought to be a social disease. And if this addiction becomes high, it will bring personal and social disaster. There is a parameter to check if you are addicted to Facebook. You yourself can check it. If you find any combination, don’t forget to tell us.

Interesting Facebook Facts

Interesting Facebook Facts: The Parameter Of Facebook Addiction

* You can’t stay a moment without Facebook & want to share anything on Facebook.

* You change your picture profile and status many times a day.

* After changing a status, you may check the notification again and again.

* You are desperate to like or comment on status. You spare your time for auto like and auto tument.

* If your Facebook account is hacked, you may leave your breakfast or lunch. Though it is absolutely my opinion. But those are tensed for Facebook, their account is generally hacked.

* If your mind becomes disturbed reading those parameters, then you are also highly addicted to Facebook. Because nobody likes to hear the truth.

* If this indication is seen in you, then you may fall into the personal and social disaster. So it is better to stay away from Facebook for sometime and less your addiction.

Facebook Intentionally Restricts Your Thinking:

Recently a research on 7 lakhs Facebook users says if there is a positive matter in their timeline, then their thinking is also positive. And the negative matter makes their thinking negative. The research result is not important. But it is clear that if Facebook wants, it can control our thinking. Various pages, timelines always divert us. Our thinking world mixes with Facebook. We mix up any matter of Facebook with our real life. So, sometimes we feel trouble with some false news and information. And we are forced to change our thinking world. The publicity against Internet dot Arge happens for the same reason. Because the contents were already decided. The heavy use of Facebook makes us remote controlling system. Because if we do not have the freedom of thinking, then a person’s freedom is useless.

Facebook users

Facebook Is The New Playground:

Facebook has turned the new generation into a place where we try to find reality virtually through Facebook. Previously we went to play in the afternoon. If needed we went to a friend’s house.  And now if something needed, we fulfill it through Facebook chat. On Facebook, there are many fun games. We get at least 10_15 game request from various friends. We are now so addicted to Facebook that our thinking is changed, and it works according to Facebook. For example, if you play games on Facebook, sitting on the bed, your mother will ask you to go outside and play. Being obedient, you go outside with your mobile or laptop and start playing. But, think, does your mother want to say this? Many may ask what is the problem to play Facebook games. If you play within limitation, it is not a problem. But if you play online games, the competition will be different. We always think how do we score more. So, young ones always stay busy to play games in the reading room, classroom or even temple or mosque.

Facebook Reminds Us What We Do Not Have:

Sometimes Facebook asks “Are you single?” Then you will get interesting relationship information on news feed from various pages. Actually, Facebook is an open place for all. Here come every age’s people. You may see nice happy couple’s picture on your news feed or some tips about the benefits of love. Then by instinct, you will feel lonely. You may notice some people update frustrating status on Facebook. This is nothing but the expression of our passion. By this, we do not socially get the benefit but mentally we feel our scarcity.

Funny facts about facebook users

Too Many People Think That Facebook Is Internet:

Nowadays many people think that Facebook is the internet. Friends always say they spend their days on the internet. Actually, they spend time on Facebook. For the heavy use of Facebook, we are deprived of the benefit of the internet. Facebook does not support anonymous browsing. So we get the opportunity to discuss anyone’s personal matters. For this reason, internet faces many antisocial activities as well as social activities.

Facebook snatches away our peace:

Facebook can make you sad. Being sad, if you log on Facebook, then the frustrated status of the Facebook will make you sadder. Sometimes someone’s sad status makes our mind also sad. If some incident resembles your life partly, then you try to relate your life to the ending of the incident. Nowadays we see frustration among people, lack of confidence, lack of determination and the cause of it is Facebook. If you want to do something when you are log on the Facebook, then it will take more than three times labor. The most difficult work for a Facebook user is to press the log out option.

The main aim of today’s article is not to stay away from you on Facebook. But to aware you when you use Facebook. We use technology for our life. But if the life is hampered by the technology, it is very frustrating. I hope, you will use Facebook lesser than now. Because everything is good when it is not used incessantly.

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