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Basic Concepts Of Freelancing and Freelancer

Hi, friends how are you? I hope, you all are quite well. Be well and keep others also well. Today I will speak about Freelancing and Freelancer. Some days ago I asked one of the friends about Freelancing. He answered me that it is something about Computer Programming. Then I realized that he has no idea about Freelancing. I think this happens to many of us.

Those work on freelancing, they are called Freelancer or self-employed. Anyone can do the work independently. There is no barrier.


People think Freelancing is nothing but some computer-based work. But Freelancing is more than that. Freelancing contains marketing, social media marketing, copywriting, publicity, writing as blog post writing or article writing, translating, web design, web development, graphics design, architectural designing, bookkeeping etc.

Statistics says the most populated work on freelancing is translating. The second most populated work is web designing category work. But, the number of the web designer is very short now.

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Freelancing and Freelancer the Recent Earning Way:

Freelancing is not a very age-old subject. In the last 4 or 5 years, it has become very much populated. The most populated marketplace in Freelancing is,, etc. In these websites or marketplaces clients give project then there will be bid on project payment. Clients give payment on the project as per hour or day basis. And the payment is paid after the completion of work.

New Freelancers work under the advice of any experienced Freelancer. If there is no guidance of a new Freelancer, then he/she can present his/her sample writing on various online marketplaces. New Freelancer may not get many works and perhaps he/she has to work in a very low payment. Because clients want experienced Freelancer for the quality of the project. After working on some projects, Freelancer gets enough opportunities to earn more money.


Nowadays very few people take Freelancing as their profession. Generally IT students take Freelancing as part-time jobs. Recently we see many Freelancing training centers, where many new Freelancers produce after the training.

Those are willing to start Freelancing, they must have any special skill or they must have the necessary software or tools for related Freelancing. In many cases employers may be foreigners, so you have to contact through Skype or messaging. And it requires skill in English.

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Ages between 15 and 32 are called young generation. If we can able to bring this huge manpower under technology, they will automatically be self-dependant. After digitalization, the usage of technology is growing day by day. So, Freelancing and Freelancer is now very much populated among the new generation. Many people do not willing to take the so-called services. They want to be their own boss. So, there is no alternative of Freelancing.

No more today. More when we meet again. If you like my article, please like, share and give your valuable comments. Goodbye friends.

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