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Future Of Web Development Career And Freelancing

Future Of Web Development Career

Future Of Web Development Career And Freelancing This topic discusses today. A famous freelancer who has the experience of 6/7 years in Software Industry discusses how do you earn by outsourcing on Internet through Web Design and Development. Being a senior software Engineer, he has been working as a freelancer for many years.My today’s writing(Future Of Web Development Career) is for those who are trying to find out the way of outsourcing/freelancing. I am telling you that before finding a job, you should have to prepare for the job.

At first, you have to remember that in the field you are going to compete with all the people of the world.Though you may get various jobs in the field of freelancing or outsourcing, web development related work is safer than the other. At first, you have to fix which works you want to do. Then you have to learn that properly. At last, you may come to outsourcing.

Future Of Web Development Career: Graphics Design

There is a huge scope in Graphics Design in the online marketplace. For this, you have to learn mainly the work of Photoshop and Illustrator. You should have the capability of making logo, button, banner etc using Photoshop. There is a huge demand for PSD layout design with Photoshop.

* You may find sufficient tutorial in Photoshop and Illustrator. You have to an expert on these two things.

* In the field of Graphics, creativity is the biggest skill. You can make various new ideas if you have depth in creativity. So, anyone can easily differentiate your design and your demand will increase.

* Learning of Graphics Design is easy. By doing 3/4 hours labour, you can complete a professional PSD Design course within 6 months. Time duration depends on merit.

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Future Of Web Development Career: Web Development

We can decide Web Development into two parts

  1. Web Design means to learn HTML, CSS, and JavaScript properly.
  2. Properly learn Development or Programming.

Web Design:

To learn web design you have to learn HTML, CSS, and JavaScript (mainly jQuery_tutorials). You should have knowledge of Photoshop. For example, PSD to XHTML. The first step of Web Development or Programming world is web design. You need to be a good designer to be a good programmer. If you do not do Programming as a career, the demand of web design is not less than anything.

* Learning of it is also easy. If you work for 4/5 hours per day, you have needed 6_8 months. The time duration depends on merit.

* On online there are so many tutorials from which you may learn.

* Your designed page must come as the same on every browser, mainly on internet explorer.

* This is the era of responsive design. So, you have to know how do you do responsive design. You should also know the work of framework. For example, twitter bootstrap.  Including mobile, your designed page must be same, it must not be scrolled.

* You have to learn the essential tools, like various IDE, IE tester, mode changing in IE, fire_bug etc.

Web Development or Programming:

Web Development Or Programming

Here you have to learn Programming. This is the basic thing in development. Mainly web programming is ASP, NET, PHP, JAVA or any other language.  But nowadays the work of PHP is higher than anything. Besides web development programming, you have to learn many other things. Otherwise, your progress is not sure. You have to learn properly the following

  1. Anyone Programming language, mainly PHP.
  2. Database design. Using MySQL you might at least know how do you make a medium total relational database.
  3. You have to learn a good query. A learner should know the complex query using SQL.
  4. A learner should know the web service/API of the famous sites like Facebook, Google, Twitter, Amazon etc.
  5. You should have a clear idea about hosting, mainly about server management.
  6. A learner should know source control. For example, you should know how does one do various developer works on the same project using git, tortoise svn etc.
  7. You need a huge learning about Ajax, jQuery and various tools about development.  For example, you must know NetBeans, HeidiSQL, MySQL, WorkBench etc.

Future Of Web Development Career:

However, for future of web development career, you have to super expert on web design.  You should have the knowledge to complete the work of HTML, CMS and jQuery etc with your left hand. If you want to be a good programmer, you must expert as a good designer.

* Learning of it is very difficult. If you work for 3/4 hours per day, you have needed 2-3 years. The time duration depends on merit.

* Demand and your importance will be high.

* You can learn from the various tutorials on online and many books of the famous publication like Wrox, Apress etc. There is a huge resource. For example, there are advanced PHP, database design, database PHP, OOPHP, PHP framework, CodeIgniter, Zend, Joomla, SEO etc.

Whatever work you want to do, at first, you have to acquire skill, then you can go to freelancing. If you have not enough knowledge and you open an account in any marketplace, it won’t give you success. Rather, it will give you frustration. It is better to come in this field after servicing 1.5/2 years in any software farm. It is very difficult to earn success in outsourcing without doing service.

Almost every people eager to open an Odex account, how do they get job etc but they do not learn the work. To open an account in the marketplace is very easy like Facebook. Then you can prosper your profile after giving some examinations. Before applying for any job, your covering letter must be interesting. So, at first, try to be technically expert.

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