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What Is The Most Important Things To Know To Hire Freelancers

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Today I will dictate about hire freelancers. In this modern world, everyone is thinking about their profit. As a company wants its profit, so also a company related persons also think about their benefit. When an entrepreneur wants to start his/her business, he always turns to a part-time Freelancer. Because a part-time Freelancer demands less than a full-time employee. This strategy works well in a long-term process. It is quite cheap and it does not need any paperwork or onboarding time. In this modern era, almost every company or offices use freelancers to save their money and time. So, the demand for freelancers is increasing day by day. If you are very much interested to make most of the profit in the marketplace it is our earnest need to know about hiring a freelancer.

Here you can learn how you would find a perfect Freelancer for your project.

Where Do You Hire Freelancers?

There are so many freelance marketplaces if you have done a little research to hire freelancers. But, to know these marketplace, you need to have a thorough search. There you find numerous freelance marketplace. The main two resources are Elance and oDesk. Here you can find tons of Freelancers with the wide range of skills. You can also find those freelancers throughout the world. They can fill up all your Freelancing needs. They may solve all your problems. Not only they solve your problem, but also they will give you the way how do you profit more.

When I first started looking for Freelancing work, I regularly observed oDesk for potential jobs. Here I saw various postings about web development. I also watched postings asking for “Web developer, no more than $2.50/hour.” These types of adds always target freelancers in developing marketplace. But these lower rates never rise the perception of value for the services. So, I decided not to compete in that marketplace.

If you want to hire freelancers in this way, then you have to overcome some problems to get these project work. Because, if your contractor is from different regions, it would be very difficult to communicate with him/her. But, the problem is everywhere. To become successful in any aspect, you have to overcome all these problems.

It may also happen that you find a problem in your previous project work, then it is natural that you must want to correct it. Then you send an email to the contractor to your desired changes. But it would delay until your contractor’s daily work day has not been started. There is also a language barrier between you and your contractor. It may happen that you have to go to an interpreter to explain your vision.

Because of these problems, we should turn to those freelancers who are specialized in their own sphere. It may cost high rate, but your work will be perfect. The project work should be a long-term basis. So that your clients also get the security of the job. If you want to make your work perfect, you may have to pay the higher rate.

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We can not say that Elance and oDesk do not have great people from different regions. They are always there to do the work at lower rates. Some people always stay there, but some slip away from there and they never return.

There are so many sources for development work. But, I have two favorite sources for all types of development work. They are and Authentic Jobs. These two boards have great jobs. and Authentic Jobs pay well. Folyo is another example of a source for designers. If you search more, you may find similar types of boards.

When you search, you may find Reddit’s forhire subreddit. The rate of this board is higher than oDesk, but it never touches the price rate of

To find the best source of freelancers, you have to search in your local community. If you do not live in a remote place, you may find some developers in a 50-mile radius looking for work. You can also find local freelancers in chambers of commerce, business networking group, Meetup groups etc. For more informations, you can ask the other business owners who have already used them.

If you have any option to meet your contractor, it is good for your business. Because face-to-face will give you more opportunities to get the idea of your relationship. Though we belong to the era of internet, but we can not read one’s mind through the internet. In this respect, a meeting is better option. You can judge a person by seeing him/her.

How Much Should I Pay?

Payment is very much necessary thing in freelancing. Everyone works to earn and to make his/her career. Throughout the world, there are so many rates for freelancers. It depends on the quality of the project. Also the payment varies for various regions. Recently I have talked with a startup who has been quoted between$9,000 and $750,000 for the same project. So, there is a big question that which rate is reasonable. It mainly depends on the quality of the product.

To estimate the proper price rate to hire freelancers, you may contact with your friends who have experience in software engineering. From them, you can get the proper idea of how many rupees you should pay to the freelancers. In many cases, online schools help you to do this. You can pay your freelancers hourly to complete your project.

In US web developer rates are generally range from $40 an hour up to $300 an hour.

The payment depends on how much effort and time does your freelancer give to your project. The quality of work demands desired money. In many cases, you will find that your freelancer gives 200% in your project. Then the payment will also vary. You have to adjust everything to hire freelancers.

A freelancer must realize the value of the project. He/she has to think deeply about the project and must understand what his/her clients need. Because artistic style will sell his/her project. So, a freelancer has the main duty to make his/her writing so attractive that client can sell the project very easily. Because a project sells not only for the developer but for the freelancer’s credit.

Here I give you an example of two scenarios. This will give you the many answers to your questions. You may talk to a developer about your project and the developer may demand you to pay $10,000. In this case, you give the payments and everyone becomes happy.

On the other hand, you may talk to a developer who is also interested in the same project. In that case, this developer may spend half of his/her day with you about the project. He/she thinks deeply about the project and give you some valuable suggestions and shows you the way to earn annually $30,000. For this reason, the developer will take $20,000 for his/her payment. Though the price rate is twice than the first developer, but you have to confess that your project value is higher than ever. Now, it is certain that your return will increase. Without giving much time and effort, your annual revenue will increase to $30,000. Now the decision is yours. Whether you pay small amount of money for recent profit or you spend much money for future benefit.

How Do I Pick The Right One?

Though you have opportunity to meet with your freelancer, it is better to give them comparatively smaller job. It will ensure that both of you will work together. You have to choose a smaller portion of the project. This is something like an insurance policy. If you have any insurance experience, then you will realize it very easily. Because there is nothing more.

It is not a good idea to test your freelancer. Don’t tell your freelancer that you will give him/her more project work and give enough payment. This may frustrate your freelancer. It is also disrespectful to him/her. If you can not afford your freelancer then move to another one. On the other hand, if your freelancer’s portfolio does not give you confidence, then it is better to search another one.

Already I have mentioned you that meeting is a good option for freelancing.  If talking with person over phone or face to face, it will help you to find the reason whether you will work with the person or not. Face detection will do many things. Your satisfaction is very much important in this respect. This is good both for the developer and client. If you want to work together, you have to understand your developer. This will decide the time duration of your project.

You’re Almost There:

It is quite right that you should have almost there. Though I have tried hard to give you sufficient informations that you need to hire freelancers,, it is not possible for me to import you all the necessary knowledge you will need to hire a freelancer. You will have to learn everything through your practical experiences. Your practical experience will give you the wisdom to hire a freelancer for the next time. Nobody can give you complete package for hiring a freelancer. The completeness comes from your practical experiences. So, let’s start to hire freelancers.

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