How To Monetize Your Blog And Make Money From A Website

How to monetize your blog and make money

In the recent time, the most reliable and most guaranteed online earning is blogging. If you have a blog website and if there is regular traffic, then you might generate some earning.How To Monetize Your Blog And Make Money From A Website, this article has been explained in detail on the topic.There are so many ways to monetize a blog. In this post, I will tell you the 5 different ways, How to monetize your blog and make money?.

monetize blog and earn money

How to monetize your blog and make money: Best 5 ways to monetize your blog

  1. Product review
  2. Udemi course
  3. Google Adsense
  4. Adsense alters-media dot net
  5. CPA marketing

Most successful monetized blogs

1: Product review

Nowadays we sell and buy many products from online. If you write a review of any product and put a referral link, then you can earn a particular commission on the cost of the product.

In this respect, Amazon Affiliate is a well-known name. You may publish a product review of Amazon on your blog. If the targeted visitors come on your blog and they buy any product through your Affiliate link, then you might get your commission. There is so many Affiliate marketplace except Amazon. In case of digital products, click bank is well-known.

blog advertising sites

2: Udemi course:

Udemi is the best place to buy and sell various courses. Being an Affiliate, you can sign up here and can write a review of the course on your blog.

If anyone buys a course from your blog link, then you will have a definite commission.

3: Google Adsense:

If you want to monetize your site through advertisement, then the best way is Google Adsense.

According to me, though there are so many add network Google Adsense is the most reliable and well-known.

I am a Google Adsense user and next time I will post the related descriptive blog.

4: Adsense alters-media dot net:

After the Adsense, the most reliable and trustworthy network is media dot net. But the major problem with Adsense is_ they are very strict. You may be banned if you do any wrong. But this problem does not arise in media dot net.

5: CPA marketing:

One of the best ways of online marketing is CPA marketing. The full form of it is Cost Per Action. There are many marketplaces of CPA. Among them, the most popular are MaxBounty, Perfil, CPA lead.

From this marketplace, you can choose an offer and promote on your blog.

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