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How To Start A Career In Web Design

How To Start A Career In Web Design

How To Start A Career In Web Design? Web design is my dream career. Not only myself but also your career may be. Many people’s dreamy career is web design. Everybody dreams to be a successful web designer. May it be your dream also. I have the dream also.Keep reading the article(How To Start A Career In Web Design), this is explained in detail.

The dream is not a matter to watch. To fulfill the dream is a success. A person who is successful in life must fulfill his/her dream. We watch many dreams. Every dream may not be fulfilled. But, there is no problem to strive. It would be a satisfying that I tried it. You have a dream to be successful like Mark Zuckerberg. Have you thought to fulfill your dream? Then how your dream will be fulfilled? You have to think, how do you get success? Many try for it, but, without getting sufficient guidelines or any other problems, perhaps they fail. But it is satisfying that I have tried it. Your success totally depends on your striving and labor.You have to try to fulfill your dreams, success will automatically come.How To Start A Career In Web Design, this article describes details on this topic.

Your dream is to be a web designer. So, you have to dream to be the world’s best web designer. You have to try to be the best web designer in India. Your target must be your dream, success will automatically come.

I will write a series of web design career. What do you do, what do not you do, how do you do, why do you do etc and many other questions answer will be given here. Those who are not known, what is web design, they will also easily be understood. This article(How to start a career in web design) describes details on this topic.

What is web design?

The question which will first arise in one’s mind is _ what is web design? How does a website look, it’s background, it’s color, if there will be any picture in the background, if so which picture may keep, how long the writing would be, which style, which color etc are totally depend on web design. Web design works on the part which we see on the website. For example, Facebook is of blue color, on the left side, there are pictures and videos, on the top, there is login box, on the right side there is sign up box. Moreover, Google has no such thing. In the middle, there is a logo and below it, there is a search box. Why does every website look different from other? It depends on the design. Every website designed differently. Every website has it’s unique features and unique design.

Web Design Process:

Using some language web is done. These languages are called computer language or language of the web page. As men have a different language, so also web page has different language and they understand it. Using these languages, what would you ask them, they would do it. If you tell them to change the color, they will change it. If you want to learn web design, you have to learn these languages. These languages are written on a computer to make a web page. A website is made by some web pages. Using one page, a website may be made sometimes.

Definition of web design:

The web is an outer part of the website. The main job of a web designer is to make a template (web page) for a site. There will not be any application. As example login system, newsletter sign up, save the uploaded file, image manipulation, change of advertisement before uploading the page in a site _ all our web application. A programming language is used to make this. To make a site without any application is called web design. You may call this design as static design. This idea is generally used for web design.


Web Design Vs Web Development:

web design vs web development

How to start a career in web design? ya, Web Development? At first, we make a misunderstanding between web design and development. Web design and web development is a different thing. What is web design, I have already said it. What do we mean by web design? To make anything is design. To make a web page of the seen part is web design. Web development is the source of the website. Take an easy and funny example. Suppose, a car is a website:Suppose you have to make a car. Now you have to make it’s hight, wide, color etc. According to it, you have to make the car. Now who makes the design of the car, he/she is a web designer. To make the car with this design is web design.

Another person may connect the engine, light etc and make the car useful for running. He/she makes the process of its direction and how does it run. He/she is the web developer. To activate the car is web development.How does the Facebook look like, where do the picture keep, where do the chatbox keep, where do the home button keep, color etc are the work of web design. If you give a status on the Facebook, it will reach to everyone. Then you may click on the login through email password, then it will log in. Even you write something and click on like, alike will be added. A notification will go to the owner. These were the work of development.

Is there any suspicion?

Suppose you see a man. He has hands, legs, head, round face and looks beautiful. This is his design. Again you see he can walk, talk and can do various works. He plays. If you ask him anything, he will do that. If you ask anything, he will answer it. This is his development.

I hope, you understand it. Now you don’t mix up the design and development. And perhaps you understand it that web development is harder than web design. You can make a man with soil but you can not give life to it.(Here an impossible example is given)

What is Web Development?

Select a career in web designing

To make application for the website is web development.The main job of a web designer is to make a template (web page) for a site. There will not be any application. As example login system, newsletter sign up, save the uploaded file, image manipulation, change of advertisement before uploading the page in a site _ all our a web application. The application s which are said here, there are thousands of applications like that. These applications are made by the web developer. If you want to do freelancing, then according to the demand of the client you have to make so many applications whose existence are not there in the world.

This is very much challenging and dynamic. It means you have to design the application. So we can safely say that web development is web application development. Now you have to decide whether you learn web design or web development. If your decision is web design, then continue the reading. But if you want to learn web developing, then also you have to know web design. There is no alternative. So you want to be a designer or developer, you must benefit reading the article. I will teach you from the beginning and show you the way of getting success. Rest is your own work. If you stumble on the way, I will tell you what do you do.

Why is web design a good career?

After learning about web design, the first question in your mind should be _ “Why shall I be a web designer?” What will I gain to be a web designer? Of course, there is profit, because without profit no one does nothing. Even you do not do. So, I want to explain the profit so that your aim to become a web designer will increase _ it’s guaranty.Keep reading the article(How To Start A Career In Web Design), this will explain in detail.

At first, come to the point of earning: Perhaps it’s your first thinking that how much do I earn? Let’s know some information:

The average salary for a web designer is 77,000 dollars. The minimum salary is 40,000 dollars and the maximum salary is 85,000 dollars.

Some countries those paid high salary:

* Philadelphia, $79,718/year

*San Francisco $79,550

*New York $77,474

*San Juna, Puerto Rico $48,965

*Greensboro, NC $55,489

*Burlington, VT $57,o52

Source: and

In an Indian farm, the salary of a web designer is approximately 18,000 to 65,000.

Except that there is an opportunity in the freelance marketing. You can work there as a freelancer. A web designer can earn approximately 50 dollars (more) per hour as a freelancer in freelance marketplace. Newcomers can earn $4 to $5 dollars per hour (a good quality web designer). It means if he works 5 hours per day, he can earn 25 dollars per day and 600 dollars per month which means approximately 48,000 rupees.Except that you can earn more than 50,000 rupees by writing on the web design blogging.

You may write an article and sell it or you can earn by tuning on your own blog. If you have your own blog, you may earn from Google.Except that there are various opportunities for a web designer. You can start a business. Making various themes, you can sell them. You can sell various effects. Making website layout you can sell it. You can work on online in a foreign office.You would have a dependent career. It is a prosperous career. You have a different acquaintance in the virtual world. You can earn a huge honor.

How To Start A Career In Web Design:

If you want to be a web designer, you have to know about web design. I hope, in this article(How To Start A Career In Web Design) I can give an idea about it. Now you have to think if you like web design? Would you have the interest in it?  If the reason for your interest is earning money, then you to forget to a web designer. If you have the real interest in it, you must be a web designer.

So, How to start a career in web design?To be a web designer, at first, you have to prepare yourself. In the next article we will discuss how do you prepare yourself.

At first, you have to learn how to do work. You have to give time and labor. There is no alternative to labor. If you want to get success in any work, you have to be laborious. Search for web design. Try to learn about web design as much as possible.

Determine your mind and fix your target. You should have one dream to be a good and successful web designer. Patiently try to learn work, besides it work on your learning. Try it, read various blogs, read books. Don’t lose patience. Patience is more important in any work. Try to learn patience and work on it.

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