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How Can You Make Passport Size Photo In Photoshop Within 5 Minutes

passport size photo in photoshop software

Hello, how are you? Today I will be discussing a very important topic(Passport size photo in photoshop software). For our daily use, the photo is very essential. Passport size photographs are essential in almost every aspect of our life. If we want to apply for any service, then we have to put our own photo. Even if we want to fill up any admission form to any institute, then also the photo is very much important. To get any Governmental aids we also need a photo. In a sentence we can sum up that passport size photo is becoming a part and parcel of our life. Nowadays it’s a system to do our own work by ourselves. Sometimes we do not like the photos of the studios. Studios do not maintain the quality that we want.

We think to make our own photo. Our own snapping photo will give us pleasure as well as satisfaction. Though we know everything we do not have a perfect idea, how do we make passport size photo in photoshop? Today I will show you how can make passport size photo in photoshop software within 5 minutes and print it. Today I will share a video tutorial. Those do work well in Photoshop but do not know how to make passport size photo, this tutorial will help them. But those are new in this field, they will understand everything when they watch this video. So, I don’t waste time. In this video, the background is changed. Here I will discuss only rules :

Make passport size photo in photoshop software within 5 minutes:

At first, take the desired photo in Photoshop. Then after opening the image, go to the next step. In this video, total work is shown. Here also I will show you the total work, but the background of the video is changed. Below there will be the video link.

When the crop tool is selected in Photoshop, give the length as the below photo is. Width is 2.1″ and height is 2.5″ as below photo is. And resolution should be 300.

Now keep watching the photo below. When the crop tool is selected, click on the left side mouse and give the length as you wish. Then press enter. Now watch the photo is cut perfectly. This is the passport size photo.

Take a new page from the file. If you take A4 size, it would be better because often we take a print on the A4 page. Then select the move tool and put the photo on the page.

Now you can press the arrow of the mouse and place the image in proper place. Then print it. In the video, total work is shown and also the background is changed.

I think today’s discussion will help you very much. And this article will help you then work will not go in vain. So, let’s start to have our own photo and do not blame on others (Studios).


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