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SEO friendly articles

We have some idea about SEO (search engine optimization).To get more visitors from search engine we need the SEO friendly articles. Internet marketing is an important part of search engine optimization. Which helps bring quality visitors with organic visitors from search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo, MSN etc.).

Search engine optimization is one of many ways that determine the position of a site’s search engine.That is, it is a promotion medium. Every search engine has a specific optimization system. For each search engine,
these rules are different in many cases. But everybody uses some things that are available on all search engines.
The campaign system for every search engine is almost a bit different. Our essential thing is to use the same aspects.

We think keyword research is done only on English site. I agree with you. To days topic is, how we write SEO friendly article in English using SEO techniques. The tips are here. Let’s know about it.

To write SEO friendly articles we have to remember:

  1.  Keyword (on which subjects visitors search on Google).
  2.  Article (At least 300 words writing should be chosen).
  3. SEO title, Headline (5-6 words).
  4.  Focus keyword, chosen keyword.
  5. 156 words meta description, from the starting of writing.
  6.  At least 3 tags are necessary.

How to make SEO friendly after copy, past, and edit:-

  1. Keeping the keyword at first and we have to edit the handling.
  2. We have to edit introduction and conclusion.
  3. We have to put the keyword in the various place of writing.
  4. H1,h2,h3,h4, h5, etc HTML tag should be added.
  5. Alt text should be put on the picture.
  6. We have to see SEO Goods.
  7. Using the Photoshop, we have to resize and rename the picture.
  8. One hyperlink is to be put in any place of the writing.
  9. After copying the writing, we have to paste it on a notepad.

SEO friendly articles:

For so long time we discuss various aspects of SEO(SEO friendly articles). We come to learn that every article must be of 300 words. And there must be 3 tags. We also get the knowledge about h1, h2, h3, h4, SEO title, Focus keywords, Meta description etc. All these are very much necessary for a Google-friendly article. To take more visitors to Google our every article must be SEO friendly. Because an SEO specialist has so qualities to attract many visitors. An SEO specialist has analysis skill by which he/she can analysis any topic clearly. He/she has IT skill by which he/she can cure any technological problem on a computer or any technical device. An SEO specialist also has the power to take any challenge from any direction. So, it is quite clear that if we want to take more visitors on Google we should do SEO friendly. That will benefit us and get success. If our chief aim is to be successful in online business, then we should have all these qualities of an SEO specialist and earn more and more visitors on Google. Only we should keep in our mind those above features.

So, friends, let us try to be successful by using these features. If my article gives you any help, then my effort will be not in vain. Have a nice day.

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