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SEO techniques for websites

The search engine is updating every day, so to continue with the marketer, SEO techniques for websites is necessary to develop their skill. It is reported that 70% of the link users come from SEO. Even the cost of inbound leads (SEO) than outbound leads (advertisement) is less than 61%.Now, you understand SEO techniques for websites is the key to success. Here are 11 SEO techniques for websites, which must be known to you in 2017.

Now we will see how well the SEO techniques for website are:

  1. Unrealistic content to be made which will achieve link: After every change of search engine algorithm, there is a big impression between a search engine and inbound SEO link. On the other hand, the process of getting a link is changed. To get a link from a reputed website is not possible only through your SEO Besides it, referral traffic is needed, which will improve the sale and acquaintance. Unrealistic content which people want to share is a way of earning.
  2. Co-citation link :

If you want to get co-citation link you have to search on your website by writing “best” or “top”.

Example: If you search to ten blue wizards, and do not find your business on the result, contact with the publisher and say to add your company to the list. You must be prepared how and where your company will be added. If you want to go to any link, give them the substance.

  1. Editorial link: editorial links are very strengthful for your SEO because they come from different publication through your site. They may come from the leadership guest post which you publish on third-party site. The easy way to get the editorial link to make developing content which others will share with renders. A different way is to make developing a guest post on your site. Prepare to make unrealistic content which will be examined through a vote before being published. An interview is another way to get an editorial link.
  2. Broken link building process: There is another writer that link building process which is much effective. Actually, you are helping the publisher to make a broken link which will help to the readers. It will work when your content will be more effective than the lost content. For this job, you have to find a broken link from a site which will be adjustable to your site’s subject. Then you have to contact the webmaster and recommend him/her that your site is the duplicate broken link. To know more read broken link building Bible from —


  1. Link Reclamation – This will help you to find a broken link and to get a fresh link and solve it with the publisher. Example: Find a brand which is written about your site, and ask the publisher to add a link. Find a place where your content is used without attribution, and send a link request to the man.
To activate it, you may start Google Alert, when your company present the name, send it through E-mail. Then you may check if they give the link to your site.

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  1. Link outreach: It is like an old school which is very effective. To make it, find a website which is contemporary to your website, and collects information from their site call them or E-mail them gently to link it works well if they are able to business is different from yours’, but able to share the same reader.
  2. Competitor explanation: It is not a new thing various companies research through many years about their competitor’s website. Competitor’s site’s bank link and the link which are manually review are valuable. Then your may link outreach and try to get the link from the same site.
  3. you have to concentrate on ROI instead of keyword ranking: though we enjoy the result of keyword ranking, it is not proved that we are now an SEO specialist. If there is not ROI, even we can reach on the top ranking through keyword. You have to concentrate on the technique which will bring success.
  4. Make an SEO trick which will map the audience: For the last few years, we have lost most of the keyword from Google analytics and various tools. So it is important to get out from the old system and bring a new system to grow interested in the audience .

So, we have to concentrate on a new keyword. On the new process, we have to make the marketers as neighbors and try to find where the marketing becomes successful through SEO and how to make it better. The day of filling the keyword with bad content is over.It is important for your content to target the persons, the keyword must be contemporary with the content. So it is said that content and SEO with the content. So it is said that content and SEO are binding together.

  1. Yahoo, Bing, and others optimized Yahoo, Being and DuckDuckGo search engines gradually becomes a big part in 2016 yahoo is the default search engines of Firefox, it will be finished after the deal with safari google. And Yahoo and Bing want to be default search engine.
  2. Mobile SEO: day by day mobiles become very popular. 2016 or after 2016, every websites mobile should have different tricks. Mobiles become the major part of 2016 SEO plan. But you should aware, as for the error of configuration, 68% traffic loss happens.

    Now we see how exactly the SEO techniques for websites are concerned. The next time this topic will be discussed further when the SEO techniques for websites are going to change its current rule.

Conclusion: The trick of search engine develops your company and brand to a search engine. Why do not you develop your ROI?

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