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5 Sensational Steps To Become A Good Programmer

Steps to become a good programmer

5 Sensational Steps To Become A Good Programmer

It is very easy to learn Programming if you learn it in a proper way. As many people do not know these tricks, they do not understand how do they start. In this special article, I will show you 5 sensational steps to become a good programmer:

1.Start Instant Practice When You Learn:

Suppose you read an article of for Loop, then at once try to solve the small problems that you find on Google. For example_ try to make number pyramid. Even if when you read WHERE, Sub Query of SQL, try to find out the second largest value from the table.

  1. First Raw Code then CMS: when you want to learn any programming, you have to build a project using the same language. Of course, you have to build it with raw code, not with CMS. The formula of learning PHP is “sit down and make a project”.
  2. Mental Stability: The primary condition of learning programming is patience. You have to keep concentration for a long time behind a problem. Suppose there are two boys. Between them, one has average talent but has huge mental stability. On the other hand, the other boy has excellent talent but his brain is scattered.  Now, if you give them a mathematical problem, who will solve it early? Of course who has mental stability. If you have any doubt, taste it.

How Do You Know, Mental Stability Has Or Not:

Suppose you have been reading a book on Programming for 1 hour. And in this duration, you have searched Facebook, Online Papers for so many times. Or you are thinking to represent yourself in front of the opposite gender, so, it is certain that you have the scarcity of Mental Stability.

How Do You Bring Mental Stability:

There are so many processes, but the most effective principle is to change the surrounding atmosphere. Try to learn any work from the formal environment. For example_ join any office.

There is a usual concept that mental stability comes after marriage. Married people have less formality, so they have more output. As a result, many software firms give a condition that their employees should be married.

  1. Come in Contact With Good Programmer: Stay in contact with the programmers, listen to their speech, see their profiles. So, it is very useful to join such conferences where good programmers give their lectures.
  2. Those background is not CSE: Those who do not read in CSE, must have the economical independence to learn Programming. You have to work hard for 2_2.5 years but without any income. There is no way of instant earning.

So, it’s the 5 sensational steps to become a good programmer.I hope my shared article containing all these information comes helpful to everyone. I tried my level best to make it worthy of your time. If you like this article, plz share this on facebook twitter and others social network.

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