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Strong Password Ideas That Will Keep Your Possessions Safe

Strong password ideas

Strong password ideas are the most necessary to secure your belongings. In this tech- savvy world password protects our works and personal documents, but in recent days just a password is just not enough to do the bidding when it comes to our security. Swarming hackers everywhere now days makes strong password ideas the more important matter. From a well decorated office to a secure home, the neediness of strong password ideas hovers in every smart minds.

We all know about putting a password to secure documents and many other important things, but many people stammers about a strong and secure password. Sometimes we don’t feel that our password is going to keep our things intact. Why does it happen? Well, it happens because sometimes we lack strong password ideas.

In this article we will go through some strong password ideas, tips and points that will help us to keep our important possessions more secure.


This is a very interesting and great way to generate strong passwords. Password is entirely your personal thing, so why not make it more personal by creating words from your day to day experiences. Suppose your pet dog gave birth to 7 puppies, you can use this beautiful event as your password, or your son got A grade in his sports class, or you are going to travel somewhere, you can use these and many more everyday happenings to create great and unique password, but you have to make sure that you change the password every two or three days, because a memorable life event only stays until another comes. This is a very distinctive but effective process. Strong password ideas after all are all words, so we can make it from our respected lives.


Do you love music? Are you a movie buff? Or do you like sports more? No matter what choices you are most zealous or passionate about, you can use those as your passwords. For example, suppose you have a favorite movie that you have watched countless times, you can use that movies lines and quotes, Terms or fictional database of your favorite characters whereabouts as your password. The same way if you have a favorite music band or album you can use any of your favorite songs lines as your password. If you love history use some of your favorite events or historical quotes as your password, remember to change your password every month or week. Strong password ideas can be more memorable and useful using your passionate choices.


Hacker are very smart and can easily crack you password, so always try to use a long password with a mix-up of words that contains upper case words and lower case words , numbers and symbols, but always try to put a password that you can remember. Putting a long and mixed password will not do any good to you when you can’t remember it. So always mix up your password that you can easily remember.


When creating a long password do not go for any pattern.  Typing a pattern of passwords makes it easier to crack. Lengthy passwords are not always strong when you use simple patterns. If you are typing a strong and long password don’t just go for 12345678 or abcd123456789@#$$. These passwords are long but easy to guess and easy to crack. So when you try to create a strong and long password, avoid using any wordily or numeric patterns. A strong password idea is to make it long without any pattern. Mix it up but keep it unique.

strong password


You have created a strong password, but that doesn’t mean that you should use that same password for other accounts or purposes. A strong password will only be more helpful when you will use it smartly. No matter how unique and strong a password is avoid using it on multiple accounts. Always create new passwords for your various accounts, don’t repeat a password. Using different strong passwords for multiple accounts keeps your documents more secure.


Sometimes it’s hard to remember passwords if you have many accounts and documents. Some of us don’t always have the time to create those strong passwords or many of us manage many accounts that it’s almost not possible to remember all of it. In this case you can go for password managers. Using a password manager helps us to manage various and different passwords for many accounts. No matter the length or numbers in it, password manager will actively help you to keep your strong passwords secure.

Create a strong and long password


Don’t just blindly follow computer instructions; try to be creative enough to create your own password by yourself. Whenever you are creating a new password for any account or any other purposes, avoid using the remember password option. Remember password option helps us to quickly log in or do business by saving our times but it also risks our devices, If your device gets stolen or your accounts gets hacked, the remember password option will be an open invitation to the thief or  hacker. Don’t make their work easy. Always try to be creative by your own. Let those strong password ideas come from you, instead of the computer.

Importance of strong password ideas

The above mentioned points are some strong password ideas. Creating a password is not enough; we have to maintain the passwords length and strength. Passwords are very important when it comes to the security of our accounts or very important data or documents, so creating a strong password is very necessary. Strong password ideas can be created by the help of creativity and consciousness, with proper tools and words creating a strong password can be more reliable.

I hope my points and perception will help you to get strong password ideas that will make your feel more secure.

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