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Basic Concepts Of Web Development For Beginners

Web Development For Beginners

Well come, friends, how are you? I hope, you all are well by the grace of Almighty. Today I will discuss web development for beginners. You all know web development is very much important nowadays. Today I will discuss with you web development for beginners. Which languages do you learn to make a website? Let’s go:
What is a website? I hope this is not a matter to tell you. We want to give an idea about it. Before we learn web development for beginners we have to learn and understand something clearly. Example:

Web Development For Beginners: What is web browsing?

Web browsing is nothing but traveling from one page to another. By web browsing, through the internet, we have to see the web page throughout the world and collect information. So, we need web browsing to get our desired page.
What is a client?
We need two computers for web browsing. One is your computer or client computer and the other is server computer with full of huge information. It means users are the client.
What is a server?
The server is such type of computer where all the information or data of a computer are stored. The file which we download from various websites will store on this server.
What is home page?
At first when we enter into a website, then a web page opens, we may call home page.
To make a website which type of coding language is to know?
There are some coding languages that we can use to make a website. We have to know about those coding languages. Example:
2. CSS
3. JavaScript
What is HTML?
As we have to make pillars to make a building, so we may use HTML  to make a web structure. Without HTML we do not properly make a web structure.
What is CSS?
After making a home, we decorate it with various colors. We use CSS is to decorate website.
What is JavaScript?
As we use a key for the safety of our house, so JavaScript is used for the safety and security of a website. Except this, JavaScript is used for various reasons. If we know these, it will be helpful to us.
What is used to write code?
Nothing is needed to write code. If your computer has drafted notepad, then for your benefit you can use Note Pad++.
We are discussing for a long time. Now it is the high time to do it practically. Because we all know anything practical is more profitable than theory. Now, we will make a web page_
This code will write in NotePad.
Now we give a name and at the end writing HTML, we will save it. Now it will open by browser very easily. If we can learn web development for beginners, we can easily do much work properly. so, friends, we should learn web development for beginners for our own benefit. We do not waste your time anymore. Then we will see the following.
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