What Is SEO And Basic Concept Of Search Engine Optimization

What Is SEO

What is SEO and basic concepts of search engine optimization, In this article, I will try to give all the readers a basic dignified idea of SEO starting from the entry level to the advanced level, though the basic rules are same? It is very important to know the fundamental rules of SEO. To be honest, SEO is such a subject where your knowledge about it grows by sharing it, so without further adieu let’s get to point.

What Is SEO AND What Is The Use Of It?

Well, when it comes to SEO there are two types of results that come up to stand in the light

  • Organic
  • Paid

Here we will talk about the organic search result, we all know about the paid search result where you can get ads by spending your money.

First We Need To Know That How Search Works

Search engine works with two components

  • Crawler

When it comes to collecting information from different websites crawler does the job the smoothest way through spider or robot. In here search engine follows a link to collect the data and then stores it in the database.

  • Algorithm

In here search engine analyses the gathered information and ranks different pages by its relevancy and quality. The algorithm of use depends upon different factors.

What Is SEO?

What is SEO and basic concepts of search engine optimization: SEO which is search engine optimization is a technical process, It helps websites to gain traffic in large numbers from different search engines such as Google, MSN, Yahoo etc. SEO helps and makes a website more visible by placing it in the search results first page, by doing so that website gets more attention and a secure chance of getting visitors in larger numbers.

When we intend to download a song from the internet we just go to Google and write the first few starting lines of that particular song, after pressing the search button Google gives us a number of websites where that song is available to download. Every page shows ten search results of any respected searched items. Many people may think that why some of the search results came at the first page and other results came at the second and third pages; does Google have its own wish to give us search results? What is the reason? Do the first arriving websites have anything special that put them in the first place?. Well, yes, that’s the specialty of SEO. With SEO you can place your website in the first place giving it maximum visibility and with maximum visibility, you will get the maximum number of visitors.

Those who are new to SEO they can follow the Google Webmaster Guideline. If you follow the basic rules you will have nothing to worry about SEO. We create websites for visitors, if we can provide the visitor’s information which they are seeking then our SEO is almost done 50 to 60 percent.

Visitor’s searches to find answers they are seeking or they search to find a solution to their problems or they are just fulfilling their needs. If your website can fulfill their queries by giving them their desired needs and help them by solving their problems by the data they get through your website then you don’t need to worry about anything.

SEO has two parts:

  • On page SEO

  • Off page SEO

On page SEO is what you say about your website and off page SEO is what others are saying about your website.

The Use Of SEO

Suppose you have a website for baseball, which currently comes at the 10th position In terms of search results. You want this website of yours to come first when someone searches “Baseball Cards”, in order to do this you will need to do the SEO for this site. SEO is done by using a popular search term or keyword. If you get the SEO done and take the brand name in the top, then also this will not be a proper SEO. The search engine is very smart and we can divide your company name and keyword very easily. The more competition a keyword gets, the tougher it gets to rank on that keyword.

So we need some plans before starting SEO. Suppose you opened a website that has millions of competition, on the other hand, someone makes a website that has a thousand sites, now you can easily guess which will be the easiest to compete, between millions or thousands?

This is why the right keyword is very important to plan the perfect SEO. If the keyword selection is not right then you will never get the result you seek because when someone searches anything they use these search terms and if you don’t know what they are searching then how will you provide them with the right information.

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