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What Is WordPress And How Does It Work Technically

what is wordpress and how does it work

What is WordPress and how does it work?

WordPress is the most popular blog publishing applications, and “What is WordPress and how does it work?” is asked very often. Beginning in 2003 with only a few users, with a single bit of code to improve the typography of the daily writing, WordPress has come a long way to become the largest self – hosted blogging tool in the world. Innumerable number of sites use it and  even more people view it, every day.WordPress, which started as just another blogging system, is now the most popular blog publishing application and the strongest Content Management System (CMS), made by PHP and MySQL, with thousands of plugins, widgets, and themes, open to the user’s imagination and customization.

It is an OpenSource project where everything, from the documentation to even the code, for the community’s benefits. Millions of people around the globe work on it at every hour – thus it is an immensely popular platform. It is free to be used by anyone, for any kind of write-ups, without paying any necessary license fee or any other required freedoms.

WordPress: First Phase

In the first phase, WordPress was a free blogging platform which, later, makes an engine and any blogger can use it and download it, free of cost. One can easily make a professional website without the knowledge of PHP, MySQL or HTML.   Matt Mullenweg released it on May 27, 2003,with more than 60 million downloads. The recent edition, WordPress 4.7, has  69,097,243 downloads . This open technological blogging software, made of PHP and MySQL, is the most famous Content Management System (CMS), used by 22.5% of the world’s total 10,00,000 websites.WordPress is licensed under the GPLv2, and it is the official successor of b2/cafelog.

Today’s WordPress –

As an answer to “What is WordPress and how does it work?”, we can say that it is a unique and novel software in the market. Its history dates back to its period of development starting in 2001. In wordpress.org, one can download and install a software script called WordPress, via one-click installation. This takes only a minimum time and needs only a web host that can fulfill the necessary requirements. Customize it to write and present almost anything! While it can still be use to create a simple blog, today WordPress enables one to set up fully functional websites and mobile applications.

In WordPress, the PHP code creates all the various functions for one’s website, while MYSQL manages all the data in databases, which are usually accessible from one’s control panel

Special Features Of WordPress Blogging Software:

Special features Of WordPress Blogging Software

  • Use the plugin system can be easily to add one’s own custom functions to one’s own website or blog. Install the chosen plugin and activate it, from a list of more than 30,000 plugins. Premium plugins are also available, offering technical support.
  • Use the theme system to change the appearance of one’s website. Choose them from thousands of free themes, made of images, CSS code, and custom functions. The premium themes  provide more flexibility, more design options. It has easier customization, and 24×7 technical support, for the total benefit of all users.
  • The WordPress editor makes it easier to add content to one’s website.
  • WordPress has an RSS feed. It allows blog subscribers to access frequently updated content in a feed reader or through emails.
  • WordPress has inbuilt SEO (Search Engine Optimization) features. These increase one’s chances of getting a higher ranking with Google or other search engines.
  • Share  posts to a greater online social network, throughout the world, via WordPress.
  • WordPress has an inbuilt updater. It can update the plugins and themes within one’s WordPress admin dashboard, and notifies when new versions are available.

Additional benefits –

It is safe and secured, to run on every website. WordPress can handle and support text and other media types, including images, audio, and video content.WordPress can be used in various ways – Arcade, Blog, Content Management System (CMS). Besides, use it as  Gallery, Portfolio, Rating Website, Shopping Store, Video Collection Site, and Membership Site. There are facilities for a blog post, static page, and community blogging.

Thus, in this way, we can sum up a complete answer to “What is WordPress and how does it work?”

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