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What Will Happen If Google Stops 30 Minutes For Any Day

What Will Happen If Google Stops 30 Minutes For Any Day

What Will Happen If Google Stops 30 Minutes For Any Day, This matter of my today’s article.
We all depend on Google. Because when we start browsing on a computer, at first we start searching through Google. Do you think, if Google stops one day for 30 minutes, what will happen to our real life? Before telling this, I can’t resist myself to share a small information. In August 2013, Google has stopped for 2/3 minutes. The surprising information is that in those 2/3 minutes the total internet traffic has decreased 40%. The same incident happened in May 2009. Now think, if in 2017 Google stops for 30 minutes, what will happen? Though this tune depends on technology, we request you to read it as a part take-humor. Because I have a desire to write take humor. By this article, I am going to fulfill my desire. So, let’s see What Will Happen If Google Stops 30 Minutes For Any Day.

What Will Happen If Google Stops 30 Minutes For Any Day:

At first, no one will believe:
At first, no one will believe that Google does not work. So, at first, everybody will busy to check their internet connection. Someone may call their service providers informing their problems. Even someone starts to find their hardware problem on the computer. Think, did you believe the incident?

Google's stoppage

When do you believe what will happen?

Some people will understand that Google has stopped. Some people will stay between belief and disbelieve. They will become desperate and try to reload Google homepage. Because when anything was missing, we understand the value of that. When they understand that the Google has stopped, they will do the following:
* The people of all whole world will busy to share the screenshot of Google server error. As-Error500Internal server error-500
The server encountered an unexpected condition which prevented it from fulfilling the request.
Please go back and try again.

* At the news of Google’s stoppage, there will arise a wave on the Facebook news feed. All the issues of India, as Maoists problem, rape, corruption etc will go below Google.
* People will try to find the duplicate search engine. But, how do they find? Because most of the people do not know there are any more search engine except Google. Think, how many search engines do you know?
* Traffic will be flooded on the search engine of Microsoft Bing and Yahoo. Because to know the original incident, the will be the last option.
* DuckDuckGo(a search engine that never tracks) types search engines will busy to publicity themselves. Some people will think, Google stoppage will do good because now no one will able to track people.
* Many internet applications do not work as they ran using Google service. The whole world’s trade and commerce will decrease due to the stoppage of Gmail.
* Not only Google but those companies depend on Google will face huge business loss.
* Those use Google map will lose their way in the middle of their path.
* YouTube lovers become sad but the opponents of Google will smile. Many will busy to troll.

Google service problem

When Google will bring back what will happen?

When Google will return after recovery, at first they explain the problem and will give a press briefing. World’s all technologists will try to find various reasons. Without knowing the exact reason they will tune. And some hackers also spread the rumor that they did that only to get acquaintance. Indian hackers group also demand the credit. This is not surprising. There may happen many more things
* Media will explain in detail what bad condition occurs in the whole world during the stoppage of Google, why did it do, if it will happen again if any important information is hacked or not. The sleep of the over sensitive countries will flee away in the thought of hacking information.
* Many people will start to find a duplicate server of Google. They will duplicate every Google services.
* Various famous technology blogs will write articles, “Google went down for 30 minutes. You won’t believe what happened next” or “10 things to do when Google goes down the next time.”
Though it(What Will Happen If Google Stops 30 Minutes For Any Day) is a tech humor, it may happen next. So, it would be intelligent to find the alternative way. Because to depend on anything totally is stupidity. We know there is no alternative to Google. But, in the adverse situation, we have to think without Google. However, you get fun. If you get fun, then don’t forget to press the like button.

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