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Why Choose Programming As A Career

Why Choose Programming As A Career

Hi, friends, today I will discuss why choose programming as a career?  I hope, you all are quite well. Today I will give You some terrifying information about Programming. To learn any programming language is quite difficult but in long-term cases, its result is very fruitful. To learn anything at the first time is always difficult. But, once you learn it properly, it will give you fruitful results. In this dynamic world, the demand of Programmer will never decrease. Rather day by day everything is becoming automatic. So, day by day, the demand of a Programmer will always be in a high position. Nowadays software is the must on every digital system. So, it demands Programmer. Why choose programming as a career is thrilling, I can give you more than 100 reasons. I think these reasons will grow your interest to become a Programmer and make your career bright and prosperous. Everyone will jealous to see your career. Here are some examples:

Why choose programming as a career shows to you below:

  1. Programming is such a thing that if you learn it properly, you will become a hero. This is not a game that if you play well today, you are a hero. On the other hand, if you lose your form, you are zero. In this dynamic world, people never remember the previous events. They only deal with the present. So, you must have consistency. Learning of coding needs much time and it is a work of patience. You may think that you are learning for so long time, but your output is zero. This zero is temporary but if you learn it properly, “Hero” is permanent. So, it depends on you, whether you want to be a “Hero” or “Zero”.

Computer Programming As A Career

  1. You can learn any one language properly. But, the language must be a mainstream language. The languages are java, c, PHP, python etc. I tell you to learn one language properly because all the mainstream languages are same except syntax and other trivial differences. So, at any time to switch on language is a matter of 1 week. If you are an expert on any language, then you won’t need more than one week to learn any other language. But there must be a difference between a new learner and an expert. You might recover that difference quickly with some effort. But, you should be patient to fulfill it.
  2. The most sensational matter in this sector is_ here the value of talent and qualifications is more than the certificates. If you know the work, you are a hero. For example, you can think of Jukarberge or Bill Gates. On the other hand, having a degree without practical knowledge is vain.
  3. Without doing any job, you can leave an e_commerce project on the market, then you have to do only marketing and earn money.

Computer Programming


So, make Programming as your career, face the challenge of 2_2.5 years, then income a huge sum of money. Your labor does not go in vain. You must remember the proverb ” Slow but steady wins the race.”

I think these reasons will attract you very much to become a Programmer. It’s an interesting career. Don’t waste time. Be the maker of your own future.

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