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Why Facebook Advertising Is Effective For Your Business

Why facebook advertising is effective

There are so many mediums like paper, TV, radio etc. Facebook is such type of medium.But why facebook advertising is effective for your business? Using Facebook, you can advertise your company/page/website/product and reach to millions of people within a moment.

Why Facebook Advertising Is Effective: Why Advertise On Facebook?

In India, there is so much scope like other developing countries. Nowadays Mobile is a new sensation to people. Now everybody has a mobile whether he/she is rich or poor. Many people think that internet means Facebook. They think Facebook is an internet. It is humorous to the knowledgeable person, but this is the reality.
Recently people do not buy newspapers for Rs.10 because the era has changed. Anyone can get the news of all Indian newspapers within a minute. If you want to connect with anyone, Facebook is the easiest medium. If you enter on Facebook, you can easily connect with your all friends. Whether we do any work or not, we must open our Facebook account at least one time a day.
In our country we give adds on paper, which does not reach to all category people.
You must want it when you advertise.
Why facebook advertising is effective for your business? When you advertise your business/product, you must target some particular people.
facebook advertising is effective

Having this, your target will be fulfilled.And this happens only on Facebook. You can differentiate people on Facebook, according to profession, language, desire etc.
Through this process, you can reach your advertising to the definite customers.
So you can advertise your company/page/website/product on Facebook and can reach your advertisement to million people.

Why Advertise On Facebook?

01: You can increase you like on a Facebook page.
02: By increasing like, many people can connect with your page.
03: If anyone likes your page post, users can see it.
04: If you advertise any application, many users can download the application.
05: If you advertise any event, many users participate in the event.
06: If you advertise any news, many visitors or readers will visit the website.

What should you do to advertise on Facebook?

1. The title should be of 25 characters with space.
2. You have to write a material of 90 characters with space.
3. The picture pixel must be 600*225.
4. You can add 6 pictures to your advertising on the page.
5. You have to tell location, age, gender (target audience).

If you want to promote your page, you can take any one of the packages.

How does Facebook charge?

Facebook charges mainly in the three-way:
1. Cost per Impression (CPM): Facebook charges according to the impression of your advertisement.
2. Cost per 1000 people reached: If your advertisement has been seen by 1000 people, Facebook charges according to it.
3. Cost per click (CPC): How many people click or like your advertisement is the reason to charge on Facebook.
But if you want to promote the Facebook page, Facebook tells you the price rate for likes. The rate is given below:
$5=400BDT=Est44_176 Likes per day

$10=800BDT=Est88_353 Likes per day

$15=1200BDT=Est132_529 Likes per day

$20=1600BDT=Est176_706 Likes per day

$25=2000BDT=Est221_882 Likes per day

If you wish you can advertise more than that money.

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