Why You Will Never Make Money As A Blogger

Why You Will Never Make Money As A Blogger

You will never make money as a blogger if you continue to do wrong things.The great Albert Einstein once said: “It is sheer insanity to do something over and over again and expect a different result.”Many bloggers lost their time imagining to travel abroad and eating at the 5-star hotel and traveling in expensive cars. Though it is achievable for this, you have to do hard work and tolerate the adverse situation.Daniel Lyons (Fake Steve Jobs) determined that: “While blogs can do many awesome things, making lots of money isn’t one of them.”

If you ask me, I must say he was right. You have to realize that your blog is not a machine for printing money. Your blog is a tool to reach to the whole world with your valuable products/services…and perhaps this is the way to make money.

But to earn money, you have to work hard.  You will never make money as a blogger if you do not work hard.To get the success you have to work with patience, then the success will automatically come.

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Make Money Blogging

In this respect I love to say a great quote from Whitney Young Jn’s: “It’s better to be prepared for an opportunity and not have one than to have an opportunity and be prepared for it.”

The later part of the quote clearly shows us that_ a blogger who has a great future may be lost due to unpreparedness.

In this post, I will show- why you will never make money as a blogger. And I also show you the vice/versa and build a make money blog just now.

So, why do we wait for? Let’s start:

Why You Will Never Make Money As A Blogger And The Reverse:

  1. You should have a concrete business model:

Though I will explain to you what is a business model before that I want to explain the reason your blog is ruining.

If you do not have any plan or system which will encourage you for your business, your blog will gradually go to die.

What Is A Business Model?

We can define “business model” in so many ways:

In this article, I will discuss a business model just like a plan for the successful operation of a business, products, the intended customer base, sources of financing and the identified revenue sources.

In Wikipedia we find a definition that an abstract representation of a business should be conceptual, graphical, textual, of all core interrelated architectural, and financial arrangements designed and developed by an organisation presently and in the future, as well as core products and/or services the organisation offers, or will offer, based on those arrangements that are needed to achieve goals. Bloggers often make a mistake that their main aim of their business is to make money.If the aim of the starting your business is “making money” then you will be finished. Nothing can save you.

A blogger should not focus on money when he/she just started as a blogger.  You will never make money as a blogger as this is not the proper way to get success.Blogger’s concentration should be on creativity. That means h/she should concentrate on creating significant and valuable content that will carry the readers to their destined place.

In Short, The Features Of A Good Business Model Is:

Make Money Blogging


* You have to identify who are your target audience.

* A blogger should identify revenue sources.

* You have to design how do you serve your customers (with text, audios, videos, infographics etc)

* A blogger have to create the product that will further educate his/her audience that he/she wants to teach through his/her blog post. For example, you can introduce and sell an eBook.

* Identify the place where you may find the fund and continue to invest it in your business and be relevant in the marketplace.

* To get your business out there you have to find the best promotional strategies.

When you want to create a plan/model for your business, these are the things that you may consider.

When you want to start a business as a blogger, this is a unique step.

It requires maximum attention.

  1. A Blogger is not concerned about value:

A Blogger needs to solve real problems if he wants to make real money in the real world.

If a blogger is always concerned about making money, he/she will never make a single paise.

The money will not come overnight. Perhaps I have been in the internet marketing and blogging than most of you readers. I have never seen anyone earn money within a night. I think, it never works.

Leave all these disappointing matters over the web. Think how did Jim make $720 within 72 hours by launching a product. If this happens actually, everyone will plunge into the business to earn money.

In This Respect You Should Remember Some Important Information:

Blogger shoutersvoice

* You need to solve the real problems if you want to make real money in this virtual world.

You have to shift your focus from getting overnight success and earning money if you are really serious about making money. A blogger has to make the value of his/her products and that will help him/her to fulfill his/her money-making desire.

In the opinion of Copyblogger, “If you don’t offer customers something they dearly want, whether it’s to gain some great pleasure or escape some great pain, you’re not going to make any money.”

Often we see that people come into online only to earn money through building blogs or publishing some unworthy contents and humourous adds all over the blogs. But this is not the way to earn money.

If you want to earn money, you have to ask the right questions and doing right things by which one may attract. Your article won’t attract visitors to stop over and read the article if the headline of your article is not engaging and compelling enough. It may also happen with your content.

You have to compel your readers to read your blogs leaving your competitors sites by your writing.

How Do You Fulfill It?

In this respect, your writings have to be creative, entertaining and informative so that the readers can not avoid it.

Do not copy from others. Your writing should be unique that will attract people. In this way, your blog will be their new dwelling place and they will fall in love with your article.

How Do You Make Your Blog A Success:

If you thoroughly read this post, it must be fruitful to you. You can start making a good earning as a blogger.

There are so many people who have already done that and there’s no reason for you to avoid it.

But to achieve it you just need to do the right thing.

Hard work, discipline, patience and dedication are the only way to get success. Don’t be the prey of “make money online” trap.

When people will be acquainted with your creativity and sincerity and carefulness about your writing, they must honor and trust you as an authority. No sooner had you seen that people respect your writing than the money will start rolling in.

I think this post will help you to be a successful blogger. The common mistakes which you find in the blogging world, please let me know in the comments below. You will never make money as a blogger if you want to earn money only.

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